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Korinne Le Page

What does Korinne do?

Entrepreneurial Coaching:

You know how some Entrepreneurs have great ideas, and yet they struggle with moving forward or taking their business to the next level? Well, what Korinne does is help them to gain clarity, focus and momentum to achieve what they ultimately want. Therefore, they ultimately experience the success, goals and the lifestyle they have always been yearning for.

Her mission is to help Entrepreneurs everywhere to achieve their wildest dreams and make a difference in the World.

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Learning Expertise:

With over 20 years’ experience, including working as an Entrepreneur herself, Korinne is an expert in Leadership and high performance Coaching and Learning Consultancy. In addition, she specialises in Team Development,  On-line Marketing, Recruitment, Online Webinars and Hosting Workshops and Retreats.

Korinne’s story so far …


Born in Guernsey, Korinne’s dad was a printer and publisher and his Company was called Paramount Lithoprint in Guernsey. Her mum was a teacher and Korinne believes that her start in life really paved the way for her entrepreneurial career. Furthermore, she is passionate about helping people to thrive and be the best they can be; helping them to overcome and embrace challenges to achieve their dreams.


Presented with an opportunity in London some years ago, Korinne decided to spread her wings – and that she certainly did! During her time with British Airways, she trained numerous citizens of the World. She travelled extensively, working and taking in various cultures. From learning about the great “Italian Lunch” to spending time with Muslim families, she also experienced the struggles and successes of people from all walks of life. In Africa, India, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius,  the US, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, South America, the Caribbean and Australia.

As well as working as a Manager with British Airways between 1987 and 1999, she also trained as a Counsellor while there and worked as a volunteer with their Employee Assistance Programme.

Korinne returned to Guernsey in 2012 when working on a contract with Social Security, helping people re-train and finding them jobs.


Korinne is a member of the Association for Coaching UK and her niche is as a Learning Consultant, Performance and Leadership Coach and Counsellor. She works with Companies, Entrepreneurs and Individuals and is a Workshop Leader with the GTA, part of the MOE Foundation training team and MOE operating Committee in Guernsey.

Korinne has a passion for working with others to uncover their own desires, dreams, values and potential and she will support you on your journey to achieve much more than you may have initially believed possible. Korinne’s approach is warm and yet firm, and she coaches and encourages people to be living the authentic life they want and to overcome any blocks and / or self-limiting beliefs that have been holding them back.

Korinne works with various financial, commercial and hospitality businesses and individuals in Guernsey. Furthermore, she has helped companies such as Clients such as Sandy Lane Hotel, Cable & Wireless, Barclays Bank (All Barbados), Sony PlayStation (London).


An Entrepreneur since January 2000, Korinne has worked as a Learning Consultant and also co-ran a gemstone business.

She worked abroad in Barbados within the Finance, Travel and Commercial sectors and won a contract with Sandy Lane Hotel (Barbados) for Leadership Training with their Directors; Stress Management Programmes with Cable & Wireless (Barbados) and Sony Play Station (London); and with Barclays Bank (Barbados) through a merger.

Korinne left Guernsey in April 1985 to pursue a career in the Travel Industry, working for Thomas
Cook and then British Airways, progressing through Customer Services, Special Services and then as a Training Consultant with responsibility for the UK Airports and Franchise Airlines.

Projects include(d):

  • Leadership Programme for Channel Island Hotel Chain
  • Leadership Programme for the Departmental Directors of Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados
  • Establishment of “IslandPreneurs” Guernsey (Entepreneurial Group)
  • Stress Management Programme for Sony Playstation, London
  • Involved in the launch of Ticket-less travel in the UK
  • Training Needs Analysis across UK airports
  • Involved in Product Launches for British Airways, such as:club-world-logo

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