New Year – New You! Revive | Strive | Thrive!

Life Change Retreat for Preventing Stress and Burnout.

Happy New Year Everybody!

First of all, how are your resolutions going? Given up already after the first weekend?

You are in good Company because the dark chocolate I love was beckoning!

I have been busy over the holidays. That is, in between having fun and dealing with the dreadful chest infection that has afflicted many of us! So, the fruits of my labour can be seen here 

Life Change Retreat and Preventing Stress and Burnout, Les Cotils, Guernsey 4-5th February 2017

I look forward to seeing some of you at the Life Change Retreat. We will be creating a road map for you, with achievable milestones to avoid that overwhelming feeling and avoid New Year burnout. Don’t miss this opportunity because the spaces are filling up.

Especially relevant is a feeling that many of us are familiar with – the excitement of a New Year, fresh start mixed with …

How can I achieve my Dreams and Where do I Start?

Furthermore, the person who leaves the Retreat is not the person who entered! Upon leaving, you will know that you have the road map for the future. In addition, you will believe that you are capable and have the tools to undertake the path to be your magnificent self. 

I am delighted to announce that Lucia Faith Pagliarone from Healing Hands and Louise Critchlow from New Waves will be joining us on the Retreat. They will be indulging you with some fabulous treatments and valuable insights into nutrition, well-being,

Lucia brings to us the Eat Right For Your Type blood test so you know exactly the foods to eat and enjoy for optimum health. She also beings us Reiki Healing Full Body and other Massage techniques.

Louise has just exhibited at the Health Show this weekend just gone and brings her holistic nutrition and wellness expertise.

Look out for more more information in my next Blog.

2017 is the Year to Reboot and Revive, Strive and Thrive!

I wold love to connect with you!

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