Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Specialising in Leadership, Performance and Entrepreneurial Coaching, I typically work with companies, individual leaders entrepreneurs and teams.

Everyone needs coaching at some point in their lives – I have coaching myself as I strongly believe in this and I value it enormously. But remember, the day you plant the seed is NOT the day that you pick the fruit! Coaching takes time.

Short Term Coaching

Business Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching or Performance Coaching. We start by taking a “Helicopter View” of your whole life and everything that is happening around you right now. You decide which of these you would most like to work on in your Coaching Sessions and prioritise them. You may wonder why I do this with Business, Entrepreneurial and Performance Coaching? To empower you to unlock all of your talents to achieve your Vision / Goals and to fully appreciate your values, constraints, an whatever else is happening for you.

After this initial session, if you are happy to progress, I allocate time with you to work on your goals, challenging you if necessary on how motivated and committed you are to them!

If you decide to change your Goals as you progress that is up to you – the coaching sessions are YOUR time to choose how to get the most out of your sessions. You could start with a series of six sessions, if that is what you choose, and Coaching can continue after that if you wish.

Long Term Coaching

We explore your Vision, what that ultimately means for you, what has worked so far, Self-Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back, who else can help you and we plan how you will get there through inspiring goals, milestones, strategies, projects and actions.

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