Speaking at ND Focus for Project Managers, Oporto, Portugal, Sept 2018

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My colleague was just as taken with you in Stockholm and your amazing aura as I was in Porto. So, that really made me happy!” NM Feb 19

“The conference was fortunate to have Korinne Le Page of Thrive Coaching and Training who presented on soft skills that are useful for any project manager. This was a necessary inclusion to the agenda for any conference or workshop focusing on project management. Because one of the traps that project managers can easily fall into is to focus on process and technology, they fail to improve communication and other soft skills”.

“There was impressive depth to the discussions in the workshop about inter-personal skills and communication. The participants were open-minded and brutally honest with each other. Following Korinne’s diplomatic guidance, the groups were able to work through real-world challenges that they are currently facing back in their home offices. As a result, they were able to walk away with practical action plans that are undoubtedly already being discussed with their teams as at the time of this publication”.

“Tucker found this focus on assertiveness particularly interesting, since communication and soft skills have always been a passion of his. Because Tucker has taught workshops and hosted webinars on similar subjects, he was delighted to find himself learning new concepts and methods during the intensive workshop”.

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Visionary Entrepreneur Conference, San Diego, California, November 2017



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