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Leadership Courses, Training and Development are critical to your success. Not only do I empower Smart Leaders to Lead and Flourish; also to Lead with a Bigger Vision of Impact on others around you.

Your Vision and Goals are paramount in your success.

What is in it for you working with me?

You gain high-value and professional Leadership Courses, Training, Coaching and, furthermore, I measure your actual Return On Investment.

I also bring you:-

  • A wide variety of Leadership Courses that are available  in Guernsey as well as Globally;
  • An initial FREE Consultancy Session and Proposal;
  • Team-building events, tailor-made for maximum results;
  • Appropriate Leadership Training Courses and / or coaching for individuals;
  • Leadership Coaching for and / or Team Coaching;
  • A series of Video Leadership Training Programmes to watch at convenient times.

Master-Mind Leadership Training Workshops:


Coaching Champions and Leaders:

How can you have a positive impact on your business as a Manager or Entrepreneur?

Are you developing your people, or yourself, to build a career?

One of the key ways to have a positive impact is by operating more as a “Coach” than “Manager.”

A study carried out by Bersin & Associates:

This showed that organisations with senior leaders who coach effectively, frequently improve their business results by 21%, compared to those who never coach.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, your employees, the business and your own career will all benefit from you operating in a “Coaching Champions in the Workplace” mindset.

As a result, your employees will be developed and challenged in a way that builds new skills and enables them to learn from experiences. Furthermore, your own career will also blossom if you are known to be a good developer of people – a critical skill for long-term success.

During this one day Leadership Training workshop, we will discuss the benefits of coaching. We will also explore how to integrate Coaching with a Managerial or Supervisory role. In addition, we evaluate how effective Coaching empowers individuals and teams to achieve greater results. In conclusion, your Company will lead the way in its field!

Effective Influencing Skills: 


This one-day Leadership Training workshop explores how to influence others in a genuine way. In addition, we cover how to change the way individuals inspire and improve relationships both within and external to the organisation.

Effective Influencing Skills are key to building rapport and forging successful relationships with Colleagues, Clients, Suppliers and Service Partners etc.

Therefore, this Leadership Training workshop aims to demonstrate how to build authentic relationships with people. It is not about the manipulation of others.

The ability to influence effectively is essential to co-operation and success within any Organisation and beyond, since it leads to better performance, results and ultimate success.

Time Mastery: 

manage_your_time_or_it_will_manage_youThis Leadership Training workshop turns traditional “time management” training on it’s head! Time Mastery is a key skill for anyone working in a dynamic and busy environment and, therefore, needs us to take a fresh perspective!

Developing these skills results in a vast improvement in personal effectiveness with everyone we come into contact with, in our lives. einstein-quote-about-time

In this one-day Leadership Training workshop, participants will consider how they currently manage their time and how effective that approach is.

Participants will then explore a completely fresh entrepreneurial perspective.  Consequently, they will enjoy a change in the way they inspire people and improve relationships. This applies both within and external to the organisation.

Handling Difficult Situations and Conflict

This one-day workshop is ideally suited to all those in a leadership role those, who are expected to effectively handle difficult situations with team members and or/ customers and want to feel more confident and informed before doing so.

The day is structured so that delegates increase their confidence in identifying and resolving conflict.  There will be plenty of opportunity to work individually and participate in group discussion/ activities. Emphasis is on taking away useful tools and techniques that can be readily applied in the workplace.

Other Leadership Training Workshops Include:

  • Effective Communication in The Digital World
  • The Culture of Customer Service
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Assertive Communication
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Introduction to On-line Marketing
  • Team Building Events
  • Negotiating Techniques
  • Leading to Inspire
  • Get the Most out of Networking
  • Marketing That Hits The Mark
  • Starting Your Business
  • How to Build Your Client List at Lightening Speed

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