learning-objectives_evaluationLearning Evaluation / Training Evaluation, is about us being accountable and measuring how successful Training and Coaching has been. Therefore, you gain a real Return On Investment.

What is Evaluation All About?

It is an assessment of a Programme, Course or series of Coaching that measures its success in achieving the intended learning outcomes. Evaluation is used to determine: –

  • What students have learned (outcome)
  • The way they learned the material (process)
  • Their approach to learning before, during, or after the programme, course or coaching series

We assess participants beforehand to get a baseline of what they know (for example, through a questionnaire).  During the learning activity, whatever it is, we assess what students are learning. Therefore, we can adjust the training or programme, if needed.

For instance, we provide Quizzes, or Mud Cards, asking participants to identify the “muddiest point” that remains for them afterwards.

After the course, programme or coaching series, we use the results for two purposes: –

(1) to determine if there has been a change in each individual’s knowledge and skills;

(2) to measure progress and provide you with a report; and

(3) to decide what action needs to be taken (if any) going forward.


How Does Learning Evaluation / Training Evaluation Benefit You?

Of course, each situation our Clients face is different. Through Consultancy, Thrive Coaching & Training takes a ‘Helicopter View’ of every challenge you face. Furthermore, we measure where you are now, the results and performance during the chosen learning initiatives (e.g. Workshops, Coaching or Webinars) and then we measure the actual outcomes after a pre-determined period of time.

As a result, you have a actual ROI – because we understand that you are committed to developing your people, and at the same time you may have constraints such as time, resources and budget.

Our aim is to help you succeed with your Vision and Goals by working with you to understand the very best and most cost-effective initiatives that enable you to achieve all of your Goals, whilst overcoming constraints and even improving these.

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