Happiness & Longevity Retreat!

Coming Soon!

Retreat in one of the Blue Zones

Ikaria, Greece! 

Dates to be confirmed

Your Blue Zone Discovery …

Over the past few decades scientists and demographers have travelled the World to discover the pockets of people who live the longest and healthiest lives globally. Armed with a map and a blue pen these researchers plotted the areas, circling them in blue on their map, giving birth to the name to The Blue Zones.

Having discovered the places with the highest proportion of happy, healthy centenarians around the World, the researchers then devoted their time to understanding the environment and lifestyle that created this recipe for optimum living.

Our shared goal is understanding how we can create the perfect environment for optimum living into old age. This Retreat will be packed with invaluable information about how to prolong your life!

During the retreat you will: –

  • enjoy various meditations
  • explore mindfulness techniques that will quieten your mind and create more tranquility in your life
  • revisit the specific Blue Zones of the World, their inhabitants and why various factors make each one a longevity hot spot.
  • practice yoga
  • explore and visualise how you would ultimately like your life to be and decide on realistic life goals
  • share Blue Zones meals with information on ingredients, properties, nutrition and recipes to re-create these delicious and nutritious recipes at home.
  • focus on the nine elements that have been recognised as key longevity factors across all of The Blue Zones.
  • look at how these nine factors currently exist in your life – and how you could adapt your own lifestyle to incorporate more of these practices.
  • finish each day in true Blue Zone-style with a celebratory and communal sharing of drink.
  • enjoy your own lovely room at the venue.