People are My Passion !

My Passion and what I do:

You know how many Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs are great at what they do, and yet they are in constant overwhelm, feeling isolated and struggle to take their business to the next level?

Well, what I do is help them to quickly gain clarity, balance and control by working through simple and yet very powerful tools that reveal their ideal pathway to success. Ultimately, they gain the clarity, peace of mind and freedom they have always wanted, to enjoy their success and their life.

My mission is to transform lives through enterprise with heart that make a positive social impact.

WHY choose Thrive Coaching & Training and WHY was it created?

To empower people, businesses and entrepreneurs to clarify their true purpose and empower them to get there.

Because many people are only just surviving in their roles. Whilst they may have a great salary, a lovely home, good colleagues, many are feeling empty and fulfilled. I help people to find that missing ingredient ingredient, build it into their, their job if possible and for all Leaders and team to instill this throughout the organisation.


We all need challenge to grow and thrive. Without this, life would be dull and we would complacent and, probably, bored!

To step into our Most Magnificent Self, many of us think we can do it alone. However, even top entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Tony Robbins work with a Coach and / or Mentor! As a result, they reach their goals and go beyond, striving towards new ones.

Wherever you are, I will help you to build the skills, confidence, tools you need to make positive changes and leap forward. I also support you throughout your journey, to establish and instill new habits and a new-found confidence to propel you, and your people, forward.

How do I do this?


Firstly, we have a complimentary half-hour Clarity Session to establish:-

  • Your Vision / Goals (If you don’t know, I help you with this)
  • The key areas you want to address
  • What is getting in the way of achieving your vision?
  • How to start moving forward immediately.


I will schedule in a half-hour session with you that will be focused on your vision, the needs of your business, and what is getting in the way of optimum performance.

Following that, I prepare a top-level proposal with my recommendations, option, rates and deliverables.

Once you have considered my proposal and reverted with a decision, we go from there.

What Training Solutions do I provide?

This will depend on what would be a best fit for you to achieve your objectives. And ultimately, your Vision and Goals.

Achieving our Vision is all about momentum, confidence, commitment and focus. However, sometimes, through no real fault of our own, things are just not coming together as we would like!

What is the Solution? I will make a tailor-made solution for you. Some examples may be: –

  • Consultancy
  • Performance Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Training Mastermind Workshops
  • Webinars to watch whenever and wherever you choose
  • A Team Retreat

Every individual, team and Company has their own unique mix of Vision, Goals, Policies, Values, Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, Resources, Market and Prospects etc.

We get so used to the way we have always done things and have created sub-conscious habits that we may be unaware of.

Sometimes we just need someone to help us gain a fresh perspective so we can be more focused, productive and re-inspired!


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