The Five Secrets of Super-Successful Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneur Programme: “I attended Korinne’s workshop after meeting her at a networking event. Korinne is extremely pleasant, approachable, and a very good listener. As a result of attending the workshop, I was offered the chance of a trial, personal coaching session. Therefore, I felt compelled to meet with Korinne again to discuss some issues that I had relating to my career, ‘stumbling blocks’ if you will. So, we discussed these issues, and she came up with a productive action plan that I am looking forward to putting into action. Highly recommended service!….” SC, 

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Time Mastery   

As part of this Entrepreneur programme, Effective Time Mastery is a key skill for anyone who is working in a dynamic and busy environment. The ability to develop time mastery will vastly increase personal effectiveness when working with Colleagues, Clients, Suppliers, Service Partners etc.

In this one-hour workshop we will consider how participants currently manage their time and how effective that approach is. In addition, we will explore a completely fresh entrepreneurial perspective. As a result, this brings about real change in the way people inspire and improve relationships, both within and external to the organisation.

During this workshop, you will:-

  • Explore how you currently manage your time;
  • Review your guiding principles around Time Mastery and the results you are getting with your current strategy;
  • Discuss how overwhelm, and the belief that there is never enough time in the day, holds us back. Also, how we can overcome these beliefs;
  • Increase Productivity, Organisation, Productivity and the 80-20 Rule;
  • Improve your focus;
  • Develop the ability to choose what is most important for you to focus on by using a simple and highly effective Time Mastery model. (A a result, you will have a much more powerful system for recording all actions and projects, whilst maintaining a clear, calm and creative mind);
  • Discuss crisis management and being proactive versus reactive, with a 3-step system to becoming more proactive;
  • Build Momentum Through Action;
  • Create Support Structures, Success Habits and Following Your Plan;
  • Experience Mindfulness;
  • Appreciate the impact of celebration and future action.

Assertive Communication in The Digital World               

Effective Communication is key to co-operation and success within any Organisation, and beyond, because it leads to better performance and results. In this workshop, you will explore different Communication and Behaviour types and how to get the best out of your conversations and conflict situations. In addition, you will gain a clear plan to move forward with the skills that enable you to effectively convey understanding.

Assertiveness is learned. Therefore, we need to recognise our natural instincts to adopt Passive or Aggressive states. We can overcome these by learning and practicing very simple but highly effective Assertive techniques.

Outline of the Workshop. You will: –

  • Explore different styles of behaviour and their impact on others;
  • Identify your own preferred behavioural style;
  • Discuss assertive strategies for dealing with difficult situations;
  • Learn about core responsive skills: questioning, listening and developing rapport;
  • Define what non-verbal communication is and explore the impact it has.

Being Motivated by Your Vision vs. Avoidance

Most people are motivated most of the time by fear of failure, avoidance of disaster, avoidance of pain, etc. This is even more true today than it was before the current economic crisis hit. You will know that there are more fears and negative fantasies circulating through our news media, our conversations, and our own minds than before. Consequently, this has a profound effect on all of us, whether we are conscious of this fact or not. So, it is even more tempting than before to focus on avoidance versus vision.

Being motivated by a powerful and compelling vision of what is possible. On the other hand, being motivated by avoidance creates a very different experience of life. We push ourselves through life rather than being pulled when we are motivated by avoidance instead of by inspiration and possibility.

  • Create A Compelling Vision for Your Business and Your Life;
  • Shift your focus away from Fears and towards Vision;
  • Experience more inspiration and motivation;
  • Increase the clarity of your priorities and your sense of optimism and confidence;
  • Establish your Goals, Milestones, Strategies and Action Plan.


Marketing and Building New Prospects – FAST

Many Entrepreneurs and Leaders do not enjoy the sales part of their business. Consequently, they often see it as a necessary evil and do not identify with being a “salesperson”. So, they often they wish that someone else could do all the sales or that a constant stream of eager clients would just “magically show up”.

Even if you think you’re not a “salesperson” you are already in sales. In fact, you’ve been in sales your entire life!

From the very first moment you wanted something from your parents as a baby, and took some action to get it, you’ve been in sales. Furthermore, anytime you wanted something, such as what movie to watch, or which restaurant to eat at, you had to use the same skills that are used in business to make a sale. If you’ve ever been in a helping role, such as a parent, teacher, mentor, or coach, you’ve been practicing your sales skills.

So, you have already been “selling” to those you were serving. And, this has been based on their own potential, the possibilities for them, and the actions they needed to take to move forward.


Nurturing and Converting Your Prospects

Leading on from the last section, “Selling”, as I am defining it, is a natural and normal part of everyday interactions between people. We are all involved in these types of sales conversations every day. Therefore, you can extend this natural and normal way of interacting into your business environment. In the process, you take some of the mystery and awkwardness out of the sales process. As you relax and embrace sales as a natural, healthy, normal conversation, your potential clients will take your lead and relax into the conversation as well.

Just like in business, these more personal “sales” situations can be approached with high effective methods. You may have experienced people who try to use manipulation, coercion, and even dishonesty to get their way? There are much more positive and enjoyable methods, which we cover in this workshop.

Here is how I define sales:

“Sales is helping people to make a powerful decision that will help them to get what they want.”           

                By this definition, sales is service. Sales is making a difference. Sales is making a contribution.

It can be quite fulfulling to help people to get become clearer about what they want and need. And, this will enable them to make a decision about whether or not your product/service is the best means to help them get that outcome. However, you can take it up a notch by making the sales conversation focused even more on the service you bring. This accomplishes two things simultaneously: –

  • it makes the interaction more valuable to the prospect, and therefore more meaningful and worthwhile for both of you;
  • it also builds rapport and demonstrates your ability to serve the client, and often leads to a sale.