Coaching testimonials:

“I’ve received coaching from Korinne for approx 4 months and throughout she has gently decluttered my head and pulled out the essential elements I’ve needed to to move forward.

Not only did I receive practical tips on how to grow my business; setting income goals etc, but she helped me to reframe my thinking and make the shift from fear and procrastination to positivity and growth
It can be a bit lonely being an entrepreneur and its so good to speak to someone who has had experienced similar challenges. All that Korinne shares and teaches hasn’t been learnt from a book or from a coaching course, she has lived it, she gets it and she feels it.
I feel like I can do anything now and with Korinne I know I always have a supportive, open and challenging ally”.

Rachael Cumberland-Dodd, Feed Marketing, June 2019


“Korinne has a relaxed style which I find easy to engage with. Throughout our Coaching sessions, she enabled me to liberate hopes and dreams, and to believe in myself once again. I have realised that I may not be where I want to be yet, but this is so much better than where I was! I am now able to better appreciate myself and all I have 🙂 Many, many thanks to you Korinne as I move into the next exciting phase of my life. Kindest thoughts”. YL

“I attended Korinne’s workshop after meeting her at a networking event. Korinne is extremely pleasant, approachable, and a very good listener. Furthermore, after attending the workshop, and being offered the chance of a trial, personal coaching session, I felt compelled to meet with Korinne again to discuss some issues that I had relating to my career, ‘stumbling blocks’ if you will. In conclusion, we discussed these issues, and she came up with a productive action plan that I am looking forward to putting into action. Highly recommended service!” SC

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“I have always experienced anxiety when asked to speak in a large group.  As part of my role I am expected to participate in meetings or similar situations and I have found myself
becoming increasingly anxious when ‘put on the spot’. I found out about the service Korinne offered via Facebook.  I think it helped that I did not know Korinne and I read the profile and felt she could help. The sessions were held via telephone on a weekly basis which was convenient for me as I have an exceptionally busy life like most people.  Everything discussed was in confidence and I felt I could be open with Korinne as she was easy to talk to.


She enabled me to think about how I could develop coping skills prior to approaching a particular event involving me speaking to a group of people. I have found it easier to speak in meetings since I commenced the consultations and although I remain nervous about certain situations I can see that in fact people are interested in my view and that I can express my opinion as well as everyone else and my opinion is valued. We also addressed some issues from my childhood which has influenced my self-esteem in adulthood.

I would highly recommend Korinne as a coach to anyone who is struggling with the pressures of work or needs support regarding public speaking or similar issues” CLS 



“Korinne has a wonderful warmth. She quickly creates a safe environment where one feels free to share issues and areas to work on. By the end of an hour my life felt in focus and I knew where I was going”. G. L.

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