Consultancy Testimonials …. Training Consultancy or Learning, Consultancy is of course different for each Client. Clients have an initial complimentary meeting with Korinne to discuss the desired outcomes. Please see some Consultancy testimonials below: –

Effective Influencing Skills: “In terms of feedback, it has been really positive. The participants really liked Korinne and felt she delivered the information well.  In addition, she interacted well with us and they bought in to what she said. The theory was well received and overall it achieved our objectives” Large Wealth Management Organisation, Guernsey.



More Consultancy Testimonials …

“Korinne prepared a proposal for us when we were undergoing a merger with another bank. As a result, she came up with a number of excellent recommendations that we were able to use straight away. Furthermore, Korinne is very switched on and perceptive and she certainly hit the nail on the head for us at a very challenging time” Barclays Bank and CIBC, Barbados


“Korinne worked with me while I was on contract with a Six Star Hotel to re-open after major refurbishment. We had a challenge to integrate the original team of directors with the new team who joined for the re-launch. Most of all, being a Six Star premises, all directors are at the very top of their game and so extremely discerning when it comes to quality.

We worked together to overcome some resistance from a couple of the original directors and Korinne came up with an extremely innovative programme. This included team building sessions, that integrated the whole team, while shining up their Leadership Skills. In addition, they were given a forum to discuss and overcome potential areas for conflict. I would highly recommend working with Korinne”. CF, Pre-opening Director (Contract)


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