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Learning Consultancy is broader than Training Consultancy.

“Learning Consultancy” takes a much broader overview of all of the factors that come into consideration in your Business. Whereas, “Training Consultancy” may look only at recommending which training courses people should attend.

I am committed to delivering results with your vision in mind, taking an objective and authentic approach and working to establish your dynamic goals.


Leadership Courses:

All courses, workshops, webinars, programmes and e-books are thoroughly researched and designed to provide real solutions to the challenges people face.

New Course – The Leaders of the Future

Changing Organisational Culture to Generate High Performance

The demand for change in business practice has never been greater than it is today. And the fact that the traditional culture of businesses has to evolve is hardly questioned now. The dot.coms have shaken up the way things have been done and are helping to redefine the relationship between organisations and their employees.

In doing so, they are reaching into reservoirs of previously untapped performance. Graduates typically fought for placements with blue-chip corporations. Now many of them dream of careers with organisations such as Google (Alphabet), Facebook, or the like who are doing things differently and pledging to provide a meaningful and exciting journey for their employees.

Furthermore, these new-generation leaders will indisputably create the conditions for a high-performance culture. So, this represents the next evolution of business, the reconnecting of business to its purpose, to its reason for being – after all, don’t all businesses exist to serve a need?

The evolutionary journey of our species has reached the stage at which the hierarchies of the past are being replaced by a new form of devolved leadership and collective responsibility.

What are the implications for organisations whose leaders are not changing with the times we now live in?

This One-Day workshop will set explore the reasons why all organisations need to embrace a new way of doing things, adopt a new leadership style and how it is a triple win for people, planet, and profit.

Effective Influencing Skills: 

This one-day Leadership Training workshop explores how to influence others in a genuine way. In addition, we cover how to change the way individuals inspire and improve relationships both within and external to the organisation.

Effective Influencing Skills are key to building rapport and forging successful relationships with Colleagues, Clients, Suppliers and Service Partners etc.

Therefore, this Leadership Training workshop aims to demonstrate how to build authentic relationships with people. It is not about the manipulation of others. The ability to influence effectively is essential to co-operation and success within any Organisation and beyond, since it leads to better performance, results and ultimate

Time For Excellence – Time Mastery: 

Manage Your Time of it Will Manage You!

This Leadership Training workshop turns traditional “time management” training on its head! Time Mastery is a key skill for anyone working in a dynamic and busy environment and, therefore, needs us to take a fresh perspective!

Don’t we know that we have all these gadgets nowadays and yet are busier than ever?

So, developing these skills results in a vast improvement in personal effectiveness with everyone we come into contact with, in our lives. einstein-quote-about-time

On this one-day Leadership Training workshop, participants will consider how they currently manage their time and how effective that approach is.

Participants will then explore a completely fresh entrepreneurial perspective.  Consequently, they will enjoy a change in the way they inspire people and improve relationships. This applies both within and external to the organisation.

Effective and Assertive Communication

This one-day workshop will explore different Communication and Behaviour types and equip attendees with the Assertive skills that will enable them to effectively convey understanding.

Effective Communication is key to co-operation and success within any Organisation and beyond because it leads to better performance and results.

Assertive behaviour is learned and so we need to recognise our natural instincts to adopt Passive or Aggressive states, how this impacts on transactions with others and how we can overcome these by practicing Assertive techniques.

Course Outline:

• Different styles of behaviour and their impact on others
• Identifying and giving feedback on behavioural styles
• Identifying your own dominant behavioural style
• Assertive strategies for dealing with difficult situations
• Core responsive skills: questioning, listening and developing rapport
• Non-verbal communication
• Anticipate and avoid common misunderstandings
• Practice Assertive Communication
• Action planning
• Review and personal development planning

Handling Difficult Situations:

This one-day workshop is ideally suited to all those in a leadership role those, who are expected to effectively handle difficult situations with team members and or/ customers and want to feel more confident and informed before doing so.

The day is structured so that delegates increase their confidence in identifying and resolving conflict.  Furthermore, there will be plenty of opportunity to work individually and participate in group discussion/ activities. Emphasis is on taking away useful tools and techniques that can be readily applied in the workplace.

Training Workshops, Courses and Programmes Include:

  • Effective and Assertive Communication
  • Advanced Communication for Leaders
  • Effective Communication in The Digital World
  • The Culture of Customer Service
  • Handling Difficult Situations
  • Time for Excellence – Time Mastery
  • Time Mastery for Project Managers
  • Key Motivators For You and Your Team
  • Entrepreneurial Purpose and Mindset
  • Living on Purpose – 7 ways to find your purpose and live a more fulfilling life
  • Powerful Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Power, Influence and Charisma
  • Effective Influencing Skills
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Entrepreneur Start-Up Programme
  • Entrepreneur – Scaling Up Programme
  • Entrepreneur Masterclass Programme
  • How to Build Your Client List at Lightening Speed
  • Introduction to On-line Marketing
  • Branding and Marketing That Hits the Mark
  • Getting the Most out of Networking
  • Team Building Events

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