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Why Webinars?

Have you ever wanted to develop yourself in a particular area and had to wait for a course to become available?

How about being able to watch a webinar on that area whenever is convenient for you? That way, you can be Master of your Development and have more control over your calendar.

Benefits to you …

  • Another highly effective and flexible solution
  • Available On-line to watch anywhere
  • Constantly evolving to meet your needs
  • Cost Effective Solution
We would love to know which particular topics you would like to be available in a Webinar format? If you have a minute or two, please email: korinne@thrive-coaching.biz

We have a choice of options available as follows:-


never-underestimate-the-power-of-a-planted-seed   sunflower-bud Close up of blooming sunflower growing on lush leafy plant

SEED:    Free Webinar on Time Mastery – “Be Master of Your Time, Rather Than Time Being Master of Yours”.

NIFTY : A series of 8 Webinars on your chosen topic that you can watch whenever you want £197

LUSH:   A series of 8 webinars on your chosen topic, PLUS three 1:1 one hour Coaching Sessions £497

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