Thought for the Week – Gremlins and FOMO

I hope you have had a good week.

Last week’s Thought for the Week, was about the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in us humans that is how our brain builds new neural pathways when we learn something new and when we put new habits into practice. You can read my previous blogs HERE

And it is only when we commit to keep practicing and experimenting with new tools, tips and techniques that we can change old habits and form new ones. It usually takes around 10 weeks of consistently doing this that the new become automatic, so we don’t have to think about them as much.

So, I hope if you are learning something new, or changing an old habit that it’s all going well so far and do keep at it!

This week, I had to remind myself of a how my old “Gremlins” can stick their beaks in again when uninvited! You will know what I mean from earlier blogs when I have spoken about these “Gremlins”! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, these are those unwelcome voices that can play in our head that result in self-doubt.

It’s like they are sitting on our shoulder saying things like;

“Who do you think you are!”

“You know you’re no good at that”

“You’re not clever enough do to that!”

And it is these gremlins that can remind us of old outdated habits that used to hold us back and certain triggers can set these off.

For me, this week, an old gremlin was triggered because I’m looking for a house and in Guernsey where I live, and the property market has gone crazy. I was dealing with one agent who regularly invites sealed bids when a few people are interested in a property and this practice has been pushing up the prices.

So, I caught my gremlin saying “You’re going to miss out on getting the house you want and will only get what’s left and no-one else wants!”

Yes, that was my FOMO Gremlin – my Fear of Missing Out that reared its’ unwelcome head and beak!

I won’t go into where that came from but will just say it was from childhood and I am sure that some of you reading this can also relate to that! And, even if we have overcome this and moved on in our life, something can trigger an old gremlin into action.

We just have to recognise it and why it was there at some point in the past and then say; “No thank you, I’m not going there!”, You can even visualise yourself flicking it off your shoulder!

With FOMO though, have you found this can come up from time to time? For instance, with “Black Friday”? or some other kind of special offer that you don’t want to miss out on?

Do you recognise your gremlin when it shows up?

Can you flick it off when it appears?

Can you visualise it as just a fluffy toy without any power over you?

“Life has no limitations except the ones you make!” – Les Brown-

As always, I will leave you with that thought.

With best wishes for your success and speak again soon.


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