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I am passionate about maximising business impact by communicating authentically with heart and having conversations that honour the people you serve, your company, stakeholders and yourself.

I help heart-centred Business Owners who want to get to consistently turning a profit while communicating with impact and in alignment with their core values.

I bring tried and tested insights that will cut through your challenges and replace them with the right solutions for your business, your industry and you. 


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‘’I am a nutritionist and had this limiting belief that I needed to be fit and well ALL of the time or I shouldn’t be helping others with their health.

Fortunately, my coach, Korinne Le Page had a different view and helped me break out of this destructive shame cycle using a great analogy.  She said; “so what you’re saying is, if a mechanic has a car, it can’t break down.” 

I nearly fell on the floor laughing at the preposterousness of it.  A lightbulb went off.  “Well if you put it like that, I better start giving myself a break” and I set about changing that negative belief.’’

Sophie Shand, Fuller Nutrition, May 2021 – read her blog here

How Does it Work?

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Step 2. We explore where you want to get to, where you are now and what’s getting in the way.

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