About Korinne

Personal Development Consultant, Leadership Masterclasses, Communication Workshops and Entrepreneurial / Leadership Coach  

 I started my career in BA where I became a trainer. In addition, I was a volunteer counsellor within their Employee Assistance Programme. I left BA in December 1999 to start my own enterprise as a socially-conscious training consultant. Whilst I was working with A1 clients, it meant a lot to me to feel like I was giving back and being of use. However, I struggled to charge enough for my time and to makes ends meet.

I then became an entrepreneur in the gemstone business – always sourcing from ethical and sustainable sources – where I learned how to run a very profitable business.

The next phase of my journey was to return to my passion of helping people to become their most magnificent selves. I have become a successful trainer and coach, developing leaders to step into their own life mission and to thrive in what they do. I learned how to put the two together – run a very profitable business, while doing what I love and making a really positive impact for my clients. 

I am now one of the organisers of an incredible project. This is taking social enterprise to a global level – organising one conference on every continent to a worldwide audience. This will promote and educate about business with a conscience and business with heart .

I know that it’s possible to be totally aligned with your mission, to give back to your community using the skills that you have to offer. 
I know it’s possible for existing businesses to increase their leadership potential in the way they motivate and retain employees and the way they engage with their communities.
I know that you don’t have to choose between being successful and doing what you love and it is my absolute pleasure to work with entrepreneurs with heart who are looking to make the world that little bit better. 

Projects Korinne has worked on

Leadership Programme for Channel Island Hotel Chain
Leadership Programme for the Departmental Directors of Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados
Establishment of “IslandPreneurs” Guernsey (Entepreneurial Group)
Social Enterprise Conference May 2018
Stress Management Programme for Sony Playstation, London
Involved in the launch of Ticket-less travel in the UK
Training Needs Analysis across UK airports
Involved in Product Launches for British Airways, such as Club World

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