About Korinne


About Korinne:


Korinne helps Business Owners and Leaders who struggle to feel seen, heard and have the impact and authority they would like. She shows them how to connect with others in their own unique way so they can enjoy the authority and success they deserve.


She brings tried and tested insights that will cut through your challenges and replace them with much easier ways to communicate that align with you, your business and your industry.


Korinne loves helping people to be the best version of themselves in their own unique way so they grow their business and their life in extraordinary ways.



She started her career in Finance and then moved to British Airways where she trained and coached people world-wide. She also trained as a counsellor was part of the BA Employee Assistance Programme.


In December 1999, she started her own business that aligned with her own values to run a business with a social conscious. Whilst she works with A1 clients, it mean a lot to her to feel like she is giving back and making a real difference to peoples’ lives.


One of the biggest lessons she learned as a new business owner was how to balance her altruistic values with growing a sustainable healthy profit. She succeeded and after 21 years as an entrepreneur, is helping other business owners succeed with their aspirations too!


During that time, of course our landscape has changed dramatically and she learned how to navigate the challenges, adapt and pivot her activities and continue to evolve and grow her business, helping her clients do the same. So, she really does get what it is like to feel up against the toughest challenges and move through to success.


She helps business owners like you to thrive doing the work you love, while running a very profitable business and making a real difference in your clients’ lives too.


Korinne is also co-founder of “Social Enterprise Success”, a series of Global conferences to promote and educate about business with a conscience and business with heart .


It is possible to be totally aligned with your mission, communicate with impact and integrity and to give back to your community using the skills that you have to offer.


It is possible for existing businesses to navigate today’s challenges and come out stronger than ever before.


And you don’t have to choose between being successful and doing what you love!


WHY Thrive Coaching & Training and WHY was it created?


To empower business owners to communicate with impact, in alignment with their true values and to thrive doing the work they love.


Korinne is passionate about empowering people to be the very best version of themselves.


What does Korinne do?


Entrepreneurial Coaching:


You know how some Entrepreneurs have great ideas, and yet they struggle with moving forward or taking their business to the next level?


Well, what Korinne does is help them to gain clarity, focus and momentum to establish what it is they ultimately want and create a road map with a step-by-step route to get there.


Business owners also often struggle with knowing how to communicate effectively, while staying true to themselves. For example; knowing when and how to say “No”!


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Learning Expertise:


With over 21 years’ experience working as an Entrepreneur herself, Korinne is an expert in high performance Coaching and Consultancy. In addition, she specialises in Group Coaching, Team Development and on-line Marketing.


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Born in Guernsey, Korinne’s dad was an entrepreneur, and had a printing and publishing firm. His Company was called Paramount Lithoprint in Guernsey. Her mum was a teacher and Korinne believes that her start in life really paved the way for her entrepreneurial career. Furthermore, she is passionate about helping people to thrive and be the best version of themselves. In addition; helping them to overcome and embrace challenges to achieve their dreams.




Presented with an opportunity in London some years ago, Korinne decided to spread her wings – and that she certainly did! During her time with British Airways, she trained numerous people world-wide and travelled extensively, working and taking in various cultures.


In addition, from learning about the great “Italian Lunch” to spending time with local families, she also experienced the struggles and successes of people from all walks of life. Furthermore, she travelled to Africa, India, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius,  the US, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, South America, the Caribbean and Australia. She also lived in Barbados for 4 years, working with the Tourist Industry there.


Korinne returned to Guernsey in 2012 when working on a contract helping people re-train and find new job opportunities after the recession hit the finance industry there.


Korinne has taken most of her business online with Group Coaching Programmes that reach more people than working one-to-one. She does still work with a few clients one-to-one, international speaker and delivers training programmes for Companies, including non-profit organisations.

Korinne will empower you to live the authentic life you really want to live, to communicate authentically and to overcome any blocks and / or self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.


An Entrepreneur since January 2000, Korinne has worked as a Learning Consultant and also ran a gemstone business with her ex husband.

She worked abroad in Barbados within the Finance, Travel and Commercial sectors. In 2000, she won a contract with Sandy Lane Hotel (Barbados) for Leadership Training with their Directors; Stress Management Programmes with Cable & Wireless (Barbados) and Sony Play Station (London); and with Barclays Bank (Barbados) through a merger.

Korinne left Guernsey in April 1985 to pursue a career in the Travel Industry. She worked for Thomas Cook and then British Airways, progressing through Customer Services and Special Services. Later, she became a Training Consultant with responsibility for the UK Airports and Franchise Airlines.

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