“Korinne prepared a proposal for us when we were undergoing a merger with another bank. As a result, she came up with a number of excellent recommendations that we were able to use straight away. Furthermore, Korinne is very switched on and perceptive and she certainly hit the nail on the head for us at a very challenging time” 

Barclays Bank and CIBC, Barbados

“Korinne worked with me while I was on contract with a Six Star Hotel to re-open after major refurbishment. We had a challenge to integrate the original team of directors with the new team who joined for the re-launch. Most of all, being a Six Star premises, all directors are at the very top of their game and so extremely discerning when it comes to quality.

We worked together to overcome some resistance from a couple of the original directors and Korinne came up with an extremely innovative programme. This included team building sessions, that integrated the whole team, while shining up their Leadership Skills. In addition, they were given a forum to discuss and overcome potential areas for conflict. I would highly recommend working with Korinne”. 

CF, Pre-opening Director (Contract)

Executive Coaching

“Korinne is an exceptional entrepreneurial coach.  She has helped me both in my business and personal life to navigate my way to a successful outcome each time I have wanted to move forward or felt stuck.  Korinne has a calm, compassionate approach.  She is generous with her time and nothing is ever too much trouble when it comes to supporting me in growing my business.  During my sessions she always makes me feel totally at ease and able to be myself.  She always asks questions in a way that enables me to reach my own solutions which is deeply empowering.  When she does make a suggestion, she always asks my permission first and offers advice in a way that isn’t overwhelming but allows me to remain empowered and confident going forward”. Sophie May 2020

“I’ve received coaching from Korinne for approximately 4 months and throughout she has gently decluttered my head and pulled out the essential elements I’ve needed to move forward. Not only did I receive practical tips on how to grow my business; setting income goals etc, but she helped me to reframe my thinking and make the shift from fear and procrastination to positivity and growth”. RC 2020

Training Workshops

“Although I was very unsure of what to expect, all points were explained in a very positive way. The content was excellent and very useful to back me up going forward. The tutor’s approach was excellent, very friendly and positive. A very enjoyable way of learning” Effective and Assertive Communication

“I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and using my skills – I wasn’t expecting that. The course, the content and the facilitator’s approach were all excellent” Effective and Assertive Communication: AB

“This Course was professional, well-taught, interesting, helpful and interactive and the Tutor (Korinne) was fantastic” ZH

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. I found it interesting, well-presented and very well structured with good content. In addition, it covered some excellent soft-skills, e.g. Assertiveness, Motivation and Influencing, as well as tips and hints”. 4-week Public Speaking Course: J.L.

“The course was very well structured, positive, at the appropriate level and pace with good recaps. I found Korinne very professional, patient, friendly, supportive and the course exceeded my expectations”. 4-week Public Speaking Course: C.S.

“Korinne’s approach is very clear and amenable and I would like to do the next level Public Speaking Course”. 4-week Public Speaking Course: L.A. 

“The content and the course itself exceeded y expectations”. 4-week Public Speaking Course: J.J. 

“Very well-structured and delivered”. 4-week Public Speaking Course: AO

“Very positive and exceeded my expectations and the facilitator’s approach and content were excellent”. 4-week Public Speaking Course: CB

“The time went so quickly! The content was interesting, helpful and exceeded my expectations and the tutor was excellent” 4-week Public Speaking Course: JS

Speaking Events

“My colleague was just as taken with you in Stockholm and your amazing aura as I was in Porto. So, that really made me happy!” NM Feb 19

“The conference was fortunate to have Korinne Le Page of Thrive Coaching and Training who presented on soft skills that are useful for any project manager. This was a necessary inclusion to the agenda for any conference or workshop focusing on project management. Because one of the traps that project managers can easily fall into is to focus on process and technology, they fail to improve communication and other soft skills.

There was impressive depth to the discussions in the workshop about inter-personal skills and communication. The participants were open-minded and brutally honest with each other. Following Korinne’s diplomatic guidance, the groups were able to work through real-world challenges that they are currently facing back in their home offices. As a result, they were able to walk away with practical action plans that are undoubtedly already being discussed with their teams as at the time of this publication.

Tucker Johnson (key-note speaker) found this focus on assertiveness particularly interesting, since communication and soft skills have always been a passion of his. Because Tucker has taught workshops and hosted webinars on similar subjects, he was delighted to find himself learning new concepts and methods during the intensive workshop”.


“Dear Korinne, I hope this e-mail finds you well. My assertiveness progress is going really well. As a results of the course, I have improved in various areas and am very focused on creating win-win  situations for everyone involved. Furthermore, I am not letting my objective out of sight. I am much better in conflict management and quite pleased with the implementation of the tools and strategies I have learned. As a result, both of us have profited from your talk and workshop. So, I have already passed your contact on to our CEO and have recommended your training”. AP, November 2018

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“I decided to do the Life Change Weekend with Korinne after I’d attended her Time Mastery Workshop. Because I’d found the workshop very helpful, in the next week I was able to work more efficiently by just implementing a few simple things. Furthermore, the Life Change Weekend was intensive and helped me look at the blocks that are holding me back from my next level. Also, we looked at the personal assets that will help achieve my next stage of progress. It was two full days very well spent.” ML

“The setting was priceless and you created a very safe space to share, cry and relax for the day. I had lots of takeaways from morning routines to feeling that I am not odd after all. My Journey to Someday Isle is well on the way, thank you.” NG

“Hi Korinne, thank you so much for Saturday you really have galvanized me into action. My dream of becoming a life coach doesn’t seem that far away! I felt it was exactly the right balance of information and group discussion. Wonderful, wonderful day, I have taken away so much from it. Thank you” SG

“Hi Korinne. Thank you so very much for today. You facilitated a brilliant workshop. I learned a lot and it made sense. Fantastic work. I am so glad I came. Was slightly dubious it would be of help to me as I felt it was more suitable for my friends than me which is why I booked on so that they would.

Anyway, I found that it doesn’t matter what your goal is, it is still a goal. It didn’t have to be life altering or Work related. I found it very helpful and hope to catch up with you again and attend another sometime. I discovered what I didn’t know I needed and exceeded my expectations. A very soothing aura but commanded our attention too.” MLG

“I loved the venue and how relaxed the day was. It wasn’t as “heavy” as I was expecting! I expected it to be good, and it was ? I really liked the space given to listen to each person. Often in groups, it can feel rushed, but there was a genuine interest in each participant, which felt very supportive. I thought the flow of facilitation was excellent in terms of content provided by you and space for people to talk.” SR

“I went along to one of Korinne’s Mindfulness retreats, on the recommendation of a dear friend, not really knowing what to expect. From the off I met with like minded people who not only embraced my joining them but embraced all that Korinne had planned for us. The whole experience has had a fantastic impact on me and has brought me together with some wonderful people who I am certain will remain in my life for a very long time to come and as close friends.

I admire Korinne’s ability to facilitate, listen and be warm and totally endearing. She genuinely cares about the benefits you will achieve. I am delighted to have been introduced to her, the experience and the wonderful people at the retreat. Les Cotils exudes peace and tranquility and was the perfect venue for this event. Thank you Korinne for bringing some sunshine to my world” A.B.

“I thought Mindfulness would be of benefit to myself and to help others I come into contact with. It actually helped me to discover the areas in my life where I needed to make changes myself which was a revelation for me. The retreat was well run and informative but also gave all those present the ability to speak freely about their own lives and troubles everyone keeps hidden or didn’t realise were affecting their lives.”

“Here are some observations on the Mindfulness Workshop: I missed Professor Williams’ talk at St James because of a severe cold, so am pleased to have the title of his book. “Mindfulness” and “Meditation” appear largely synonymous, so Mindfulness is a good idea. I think your two minute meditation a valuable suggestion and intend to introduce it just before or just after my exercise routine. Thank you for a well presented and informative workshop”. M.B.

“During one glorious weekend in early February 2017, I attended a retreat at Les Cotils Hotel in Guernsey, hosted by Korinne Le Page of Thrive Coaching. Her poignant title for this Retreat was “Life Changers”, and as I soon discovered, this was entirely appropriate in what it did for me and, (as I later found out) for the others in the group too. That the whole weekend was a resounding success, was not just due to the meticulous planning of a talented organiser, but also the insight and intuition of a truly gifted individual. SJ

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