Executive Coaching

“Korinne is an exceptional entrepreneurial coach.  She has helped me both in my business and personal life to navigate my way to a successful outcome each time I have wanted to move forward or felt stuck.  Korinne has a calm, compassionate approach.  She is generous with her time and nothing is ever too much trouble when it comes to supporting me in growing my business.  During my sessions she always makes me feel totally at ease and able to be myself.  She always asks questions in a way that enables me to reach my own solutions which is deeply empowering.  When she does make a suggestion, she always asks my permission first and offers advice in a way that isn’t overwhelming but allows me to remain empowered and confident going forward”.

Sophie, May 2020


“Although I was very unsure of what to expect, all points were explained in a very positive way. The content was excellent and very useful to back me up going forward. The tutor’s approach was excellent, very friendly and positive positive. A very enjoyable way of learning”

Assertive Communication


“Korinne prepared a proposal for us when we were undergoing a merger with another bank. As a result, she came up with a number of excellent recommendations that we were able to use straight away. Furthermore, Korinne is very switched on and perceptive and she certainly hit the nail on the head for us at a very challenging time” 

Barclays Bank and CIBC, Barbados


“Korinne has gently decluttered my head and pulled out the essential elements I’ve needed to to move forward. Not only did I receive practical tips on how to grow my business; setting income goals etc, but she helped me to reframe my thinking and make the shift from fear and procrastination to positivity and growth. I feel like I can do anything now and with Korinne I know I always have a supportive, open and challenging ally.”

Rachael Cumberland-Dodd, Feed Marketing

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