Entrepreneurial Coaching

Are you an Entrepreneur, or thinking about starting a business?  Maybe you feel overwhelmed at times? Perhaps things seem to take much longer to come to fruition than you expected? Furthermore, maybe you have financial pressures and are getting anxious? Are you doubting yourself and afraid of failing?

You will be relieved to know that we all experience similar things in our own unique way

Entrepreneurial Coaching will help you to:

Create your compelling vision, commit and engage to it more powerfully
Explore who are you being to achieve your vision
Create your goals, milestones, strategies and action plan
Clarify your niche and marketing plan
Design or redefine your business model
Increase productivity and pro-activity through mastering your time
Overcome obstacles and challenges
Explore and identify self-any limiting beliefs and overcome them
Decide on the right contact management tools for you
Track the stages of sales and marketing, increase your conversion rate and improve retention
Attract prospects and build your list
Build authentic relationships with prospects and clients and know how to follow-up
Optimise your work space and build momentum through action
Have support structures in place to follow your plan
Create web pages that convert
Decide what to do, when and how to plan ahead

As an Entrepreneur herself for sixteen years, Korinne has experienced the pressures of running a business through good times and bad. Also, the importance of having a clear vision and keeping this consistently in mind. As a result, she decided to have Entrepreneurial Coaching herself and found it invaluable. In fact, all successful Entrepreneurs have a Coach!

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