Discover Your Genius Within!


I hope you are well and safe and your loved ones too.

I wondered whether you might like to think about something uplifting – what really makes your heart sing and discover your Genius Within!

So, I invite you to ask yourself a simple yet very profound question.

Take some time to think of your answer. And if you get stuck, just go with your gut.

Okay, here’s the question: –

What does a “great day” look like for you?

• In answering this question, think about the kinds of activities you would be doing that would make this a great day.

• If you were able to spend the bulk of your day doing these activities, you would feel great.

• These aren’t regular activities that make up your daily routine, so really think about the things you like to do that meet the following criteria: –

Think about the activities in your life: –

  • Where you lose track of time while doing them.
  • That get you excited just by thinking about them.
  • Where you feel energized when you do them.
  • That you frequently dream about.
  • Where you find yourself performing beyond your usual ability when you are doing them.
  • Where your enthusiasm for them is high for a long period of time.
  • And that you seek out other people who share this interest.

Take two minutes to reflect and write your answer to the question.


Obviously, we all find fulfilment in different ways.

But even though people find fulfilment in different ways, our individual fulfilment happens only in one way.

Fulfilment in our lives, plain and simple, happens when our talents are honoured in the activities we are doing. It’s really that simple.

Fulfilment happens only when our talents are honoured in the activities we are engaged in.

So, I want to give you the most important message here: –

Expressing your talents, in whatever you do, is the key to your fulfilment in life.

To put it another way, our ‘great days’ usually involve doing the things we love. And what we love usually involves the expression of our innate talents.

So, fulfilment, happiness and contentment come from the expression of our talents. And we all have something special to offer the world. We all possess something that makes us unique.

That’s what is meant by the term “The Genius Within”

Stay safe and well.

With very best wishes for your happiness and success.


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26 Jan 2021