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Leadership Programmes

New Course – The Leaders of the Future

Changing Organisational Culture to Generate High Performance

The demand for change in business practice has never been greater than it is today. And the fact that the traditional culture of businesses has to evolve is hardly questioned now. The dot.coms have shaken up the way things have been done and are helping to redefine the relationship between organisations and their employees.

In doing so, they are reaching into reservoirs of previously untapped performance. Graduates typically fought for placements with blue-chip corporations. Now many of them dream of careers with organisations such as Google (Alphabet), Facebook, or the like who are doing things differently and pledging to provide a meaningful and exciting journey for their employees.

Furthermore, these new-generation leaders will indisputably create the conditions for a high-performance culture. So, this represents the next evolution of business, the reconnecting of business to its purpose, to its reason for being – after all, don’t all businesses exist to serve a need? 

The evolutionary journey of our species has reached the stage at which the hierarchies of the past are being replaced by a new form of devolved leadership and collective responsibility.

What are the implications for organisations whose leaders are not changing with the times we now live in?

This One-Day workshop will set explore the reasons why all organisations need to embrace a new way of doing things, adopt a new leadership style and how it is a triple win for people, planet, and profit.




Time Mastery

Early Time Management strategies were 1-D and all about getting our “To Do” list done. Today we our World is 3-D so how to stay ahead rather than catch up? Here, you will learn HOW in videos and activities for you to complete to achieve Time Mastery. 

This programme is in 10 Modules that can be delivered over two days, or broken down to fit in with you.



Effective Influencing Skills

Now, more than ever before, personal effectiveness determines the quality of our achievements and relationships. The concept of power and authority that position / roles / job titles give to individuals has declined and in all of our work environments, our personal success depends largely on our ability to positively influence people – to achieve our objectives through others and to do so while building, or at least, not weakening our relationships.                    

This workshop introduces you to a highly user-friendly model of personal influence behaviours and demonstrates how the model can be applied in a large number of situations. The session will help you to become more aware of how you currently influence others, identify your strengths for further refinement and explore those alternatives that you under-use or avoid. As a result, you will enhance your flexibility to act in the most appropriate and effective way.



Handling Difficult Situations

This workshop is ideally suited to all those expected to effectively handle conflict with customers and / or team members and want to feel more confident and informed in doing so. The workshop is structured so that delegates increase their confidence in identifying and resolving conflict.  The emphasis is on taking away useful tools and techniques that can be readily applied in the workplace and life in general.



Coaching for Leaders

Whether you’re a manager trying to develop your people, helping people with their careers or you are developing your own career, you can have a more effective and positive impact on the business by operating more as a “Coach” than as a “Manager.”

A study carried out in America, by Bersin & Associates, showed that organisations with senior leaders who coach effectively, frequently improve their business results by 21%, compared to those who never coach.

If you are up for the challenge, your people, the business and your career will all benefit from you operating in a “Coaching” mindset. Leaders will be developed and challenged in a way that realistically builds new skills and enables them to learn from experiences. In the process, your own career will also blossom if you are known to be a good developer of people – a critical skill for long-term success.

During this one-day workshop we will discuss the benefits of coaching, how to integrate this with your current role and how effective coaching empowers individuals and teams to achieve greater results so your Company can lead the way in its field.


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Other Leadership and Mastermind Programmes …


Breakthrough to Peak Performance:

Do we believe that every one of us has the potential to achieve things beyond our wildest imagination – if we choose to unleash it? We don’t know what we don’t know so how do we learn and tap into this vast expanse of possibilities and apply strategies in a simple and practical way? FIND OUT MORE

Managing Human Error     

How does it feel to be the one to make mistakes and how does it feel to be on the receiving end of others’ mistakes? An inquiry into our natural responses to error and how to motivate ourselves and others in a positive way as a result of learning through error. We explore how to balance motivation with discipline and how to best support and develop others. FIND OUT MORE

Stress Transformation     

We all hear about “Stress” – Do we REALLY understand what it is and why we have it? We start with a discussion about what Stress is, how it affects us and how to recognize it in others. We explore our individual responses and how we can find the most appropriate solutions for ourselves and others, with practical hands-on demonstrations which we can all start using today and share with others. FIND OUT MORE

Presentation Skills     

We probably know about “Starting with a bang and ending with a bang” however, public speaking has taken giant leaps since then and we will have witnessed motivational speakers who have changed our lives. What can we do as individuals to enhance our natural style to achieve maximum impact? We use fun improvisation techniques to build confidence and unleash the potential we probably did not know we had. FIND OUT MORE

The Four Intelligences

In this workshop, we discuss and explore helpful information on research on the four intelligences; Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual (non-religious aspects). You will gain clarity on each one and how these interact to make us whole. When we are operating from a place of “wholeness”, we can move beyond limitations achieve greatness for others as well as ourselves. FIND OUT MORE

Six Thinking Hats

In this workshop, we explore Dr Edward de Bono’s Six Hats theory – which he claims is the first new way of thinking to be developed for 2,400 years – can be used to cut the length of meetings, take the egos out of business and help people to reach better decisions. 

“Thinking is the ultimate human resource. Yet we can never be satisfied with our most important skill. No matter how good we become, we should always want to be better.”    – Edward de Bono – 

The Six Thinking Hats theory presents a simple but effective way to become a better thinker, separating thinking into six distinct modes, identified with six coloured “thinking hats”: 

“Putting on” a hat focuses thinking; “switching” hats redirects thinking. With the different parts of the thinking process thus clearly defined, discussions can be better focuses and more productive. Using real-life situations as examples, we create scenarios that show how the effective use of “thinking hats” helps us to focus our thinking more clearly, lead to more creative thinking and improve communication and thus decision making. 

Dr de Bono’s concepts are applied by some of the world’s largest corporations. Six Thinking Hats clearly illustrates how his ideas have proven to be essential in their management development and techniques. FIND OUT MORE


A workshop developed from the phenomenal best-seller “Fish!” We show you how changing our attitude lets us enjoy our work and our life. We discuss the amazing story of the world famous Pike Place Fish market and how it impacted on Customer Service in a sensational way and how the simple success story can be applied to our own lives.


High Five!        

The Magic of working together – none of us is as smart as all of us. Developed from first-hand wisdom from the greatest leaders of all time, we illustrate teamwork and how it works – brilliantly! We will explore and practice the essential and easy-to-follow techniques for turning any group of individuals – from a small unit to a large corporation – into a winning team. FIND OUT MORE

Direct Attention Thinking Tools     

Taken from De Bono’s work, this seminar gives you the opportunity to explore and practice the ten Direct Attention Thinking tools. Result: Direct Attention to the outcome of thinking and action. FIND OUT MORE

The Balancing Act      

In this workshop, we use the metaphor of “The High Wire” to explore how we can effectively deal with the many things we are presented with during the course of a day, from sheer volume of work, to Deadlines, Strategic Planning, Transforming Stress, Time Management, Maintaining Relationships etc. You will take away with you a simple personal vision on your own balancing act and how you can win your desired outcome. FIND OUT MORE

Time for Success      

Our workshop inquires into what success looks like for us, for the company, how we often perceive success differently to our colleagues without realizing it. Then we explore how we can maximize our time and get the best out of it, professionally and personally. FIND OUT MORE

Beyond Positive Thinking     

“WORK is love made visible”, wrote Kahlil Gibran. Everybody can be an artist, everybody is creative. This workshop focuses on how to follow your passions, be professional and achieve peak performance.      

People often take three steps towards pursuing their vocation: they focus on their values, vision and visible results. They then perform creative work in their chosen profession. Soul wisdom is vital, and so is street wisdom. We need to achieve the right balance between pursuing our mission and paying the bills. This workshop explores how to make this happen; we show you how to clarify your values and translate them into a clear vision and produce visible results.


Step up to Management (supervisory and leadership skills)     

In this workshop, we will take the first step into Leadership, exploring the difference between “Leadership” and “Management / Supervision” by looking at the inspirational Leaders and Managers of our time. After identifying your own role, we explore your values and discuss a simple model and techniques that will have powerful impact on your own transition and personal style, taking you to the next step: putting it into practice and evaluating success.


Action Learning

Action Learning is a way to develop understanding of the learning process, identify ways to extend our experience, develop skills and increase understanding of the radical implications and benefits of action learning for individuals and organizations. This workshop provides the opportunity to learn from others who are engaged in practicing action learning and practice the basics which can then be further developed. FIND OUT MORE

Mind Mapping

Mind Maps can be applied in a variety of ways including: – Preparing notes, Planning, Revision for examinations and Projects. This workshop gives an opportunity to explore where you are with mind mapping, and how it can be of benefit to you and your organisation.             

Most of us forget what we note down because we use only a tiny fraction of our brain during the note-taking process. To make good notes, we have to break with tradition and use both the left and right sides of our cortex, as well as the fundamental memory principles. 

During the workshop, we show you how to take a blank sheet of paper and use a Key Memory Image to summarise the central theme of the notes you are making and then, from this central image, develop a series of connecting lines on which are written, or drawn, the Key Image Words or actual images of the main sub-areas and sub-themes you wish to note and remember. In this way, we can build up a multi-dimensional, associative, imaginative and colourful Mind Map memory note of everything we wish to note down and remember.            

Noting in this way, you will not only remember almost immediately and totally everything you write down because of the application of the Memory Principles, but you will also find that the approach allows you to understand, analyse and think about whatever it is you are noting, while at the same time giving you more time to pay attention to what is going on around you. FIND OUT MORE