Coaching for Managers

Empowering Others to Thrive!

Are you developing your people, or yourself, to build a career?

One of the key ways to have a positive impact is by operating more as a “Coach” than “Manager.”

A study carried out by Bersin & Associates showed that organisations with senior leaders who coach effectively, frequently improve their business results by 21%, compared to those who never coach.


“One of the best courses I have attended. Really interesting and lots of key takeaways. Korinne is really knowledgeable and engaging”

Jemma H. May 2023

“I didn’t  know what to expect, however my understanding of coaching is now clear in my mind. Korinne is an excellent tutor and very personable. Would highly recommend the course to others”

Vanessa D. May 2023

“Korinne has a fantastic approach, everyone was made to feel incredibly welcome and listened to”

Sam W. May 2023

“Enjoyable course and I learned a lot. Korinne is very approachable and in control of the session. This built on the knowledge I have and I have taken a lot from today”

Lucy M. May 2023

“Good perspective on coaching and helpful tools. Interactive approach and practical sessions very useful”

H.E. May 2023

Posted by GTA University Centre on LinkedIn 19th Aug 2022:

Andy Robins recently completed our popular Coaching Skills for Managers workshop, run by the talented Korinne Le Page, which is designed to teach the benefits of coaching and how to empower individuals and teams to achieve greater results”.

Are you up for the challenge? 

If so, your employees, the business and your own career will all benefit from you operating in a “Coaching Champions in the Workplace” mindset.

As a result, your employees will be developed and challenged in a way that builds new skills and enables them to learn from experiences. Furthermore, your own career will also blossom if you are known to be a good developer of people – a critical skill for long-term success.

Your company will lead the way in its field!

During this one day Leadership Training workshop, we will discuss the benefits of coaching and explore how to integrate it with a managerial or supervisory role.
We will also evaluate how effective coaching empowers individuals and teams to achieve greater results.

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