Master-Mind Leadership Training Workshops

The Leaders of the Future

The demand for change in business practice has never been greater than it is today.
And the fact the traditional culture of businesses has to evolve is hardly questioned now.

The dot.coms have shaken up the way things have been done and are helping to redefine the relationship between organisations and their employees. In doing so, they are reaching into reservoirs of previously untapped performance.

Graduates typically fought for placements with blue-chip corporations. Now many of them dream of careers with organisations such as Google (Alphabet), Facebook, or the like who are doing things differently and pledging to provide a meaningful and exciting journey for their employees.  

Furthermore, these new-generation leaders will indisputably create the conditions for a high-performance culture.

So, this represents the next evolution of business, the reconnecting of business to its purpose, to its reason for being – after all, don’t all businesses exist to serve a need? 

The evolutionary journey of our species has reached the stage at which the hierarchies of the past are being replaced by a new form of devolved leadership and collective responsibility.  What are the implications for organisations whose leaders are not changing with the times we now live in?  

This One-Day workshop will set explore the reasons why all organisations need to embrace a new way of doing things, adopt a new leadership style and how it is a triple win for people, planet, and profit.

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