Team Building – Achieve your Goals While Having Fun and Building Friendships!

 Do you need to do some Team Building with a new team ?

 Are you going through a merger of some kind and need to integrate your people?

 Are you facing huge changes and want to motivate your team(s) to embrace these?


Where To Start With Team Building?

First of all, the fact that you are reading this page would indicate that you are interested in looking at some kind of team building.

We help Clients decide on how to best move forward, we invite them to meet up for an initial complimentary consultation. The Client explains what they want to achieve in the way of team building and what is getting in the way.  Also, we establish their objective and budget.


Following that, we give some thought to everything the Client has told us and come up with team building ideas and options. Furthermore, this may, or may not, include some kind of event, depending on what is the best-fit for the Client. Finally, the Client confirms how they would like to proceed and we tailor-make a programme / event to best achieve their objective. We facilitate this for them and evaluate the success and ROI  for the Client.

Therefore, whatever you want to achieve and whatever market you are in, we have something to offer everyone. Why not arrange an initial complimentary consultation with us to see how we can help? To set this up, Call Korinne on 07839 200 553 or Email Us.

Clients have a number of Team Building options available to them. For instance, some like to combine a team event with some learning and skills practice, such as: –

  • building confidence;
  • sales and marketing skills;
  • communication skills;
  • equality and diversity awareness;
  • general team-working skills; and
  • a fun activity to reward your team.

 Team Building Events

Here are some examples of what we could arrange for you:-

  • Seminars;
  • Seminars with an overnight stay, incorporating fun activities*
  • Team Building Workshops;
  • Executive Masterclasses;
  • Themed Events;
  • Joint Events with Service Providers;
  • Outdoor team activities;
  • Treasure Hunts.

Concluding, Clients have numerous more options that can be arranged both on-island and off-island.

An Example of a Team Event for a Large Organisation

*A large organisation was merging two departments and we were involved in a Team Event for them. Participants had a seminar during the day, with motivational talks and team activities too (involving a mix of people from each department and level).

The teams were given time in the afternoon to create a five minute movie trailer and an advert for a certain product too. They had various props available to use in each syndicate room, as well as a video camera. Two people in each group were nominated as camera man and sound engineer and were trained how to use the equipment.

The group had been briefed beforehand to dress for a Gala Dinner in the evening. Participants were able to enjoy a movie show after dinner and we played all of the movie trailers and adverts they had made and everyone really enjoyed this. They were surprised because we had arranged for two Celebrity Lookalikes to come in the evening to present The Oscars awards to various participants!

The Outcome was that the whole event was a great success. After evaluating its success, the Client was delighted and said that the event was informative and motivational, when the departmental leaders shared their Vision for the new department. Also there was an inspirational speaker to inspire the new team with a key message. Barriers were broken down and, through having fun together with a team objective, people bonded an made new friends. Even to this day, the people who took part talk about it and say how memorable it was!

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Clients have also found it useful, when Leaders want their teams to be more motivated and proactive, to set up Entrepreneurial exercises. Consequently, participants are given an objective that is fun and creative and they can practice new skills.

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