Learning Consultancy is wider than Training Consultancy.

Whilst “Training Consultancy” may look only at recommending which training courses people should attend, “Learning Consultancy” takes a much broader overview of all of the factors that come into consideration.

  • What is your Vision?ca. 2001
  • Do you have one?
  • How Clear is it to you and others?

We will look at your Vision and really understand it. The recommendations we make will not include just training solutions; they will include initiatives that could be carried out internally as well as workshops, coaching, webinars, team building and we work to achieve the best possible outcomes for you, within budget.

Our Learning Consultancy work also includes Training Needs Analysis and Training Evaluation, enabling us to give you a real and measured ROI.

In summary …

  • Working with your Vision in mind
  • Establishing your Dynamic Goals
  • An objective and authentic approach
  • Committed to delivering results
  • Proposals with recommendations

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