Thought for the Week – “G is for Goals”

I hope you had a great weekend and all is well with you.

As you know, I have been going through the A to Z of Success and looking at one letter each week.

Last week’s Thought for the Week was “F for Focus” and I hope you found it thought-provoking and useful.

This week is all about “G for Goal”.

Whilst many of have a goal or goals, have we fine-tuned exactly what it is that we want at the end of it? And this is very exciting!

It wasn’t always like that for me though!

Before I realised that goals have to be exciting, if someone suggested I set a goal or goals, frankly I found it a chore.

Then I realised how much more impact goals have on how we live our lives than pretty much anything else.

Now, I am particularly passionate about this and helping others to really nail down their own exciting goals.

And, as a coach working with Business Owners and Leaders, I see people struggle with their goals all the time.

For instance, let’s say someone wants to make a million pounds in 2022.

What is it that that million pounds will actually give them? A nice big house, a flash car, lifestyle?

Or would it give them peace of mind, a sense of freedom, able to start their own business?

What is your No.1 Life Goal?

Ask yourself this question … What will that actually give you?

Then ask yourself the same question again “… and what will that give you”, and again until you get to the core desire that is REALLY important to you.

Notice your excitement really increase when you hit the nail on the head! You will know when that happens.

Sometimes we think we have a very clear goal. However, we may not be there yet. Just keep asking yourself that same question “And what will that give you?” until you either get that rush of excitement, or you can’t go any further.

Think of it as though you are peeling away the layers of an onion until you reach the core.

What happens to us when we are unclear about our ultimate goal?

  • We are not committed to it.
  • We stray away from it
  • We have a sense of emptiness in our lives
  • We are unclear about our true purpose.

We all need an anchor in our lives, something that gives us that reason to get out of bed in the mornings!

The Japanese actually have a word in their vocabulary for this, which we don’t; “Ikikgai”, which means “your reason for being”.

We know about “Raison d’etre” in France, which has a similar meaning.

So, what is your Ikigai or Raison d’Etre?

Once you have found this ultimate life goal, fine-tune this into just 3 or 4 words so you can easily remember it. If we have a long sentence, it is more difficult to keep this top of mind.

Your life goal could be an image.

It might even be a symbol of some kind.

Whatever it is, it has to have great meaning for you because this is your anchor in all you do and will influence all of the decisions your make in your life.

Because, ideally we want all of our decisions to be in alignment with our life goal.

What happens when we don’t?

We end up on a different life course and perhaps find ourselves feeling trapped.

Once we are crystal clear about our life goal, we then set ourselves what I call; “Mile Stone Goals” and each of these will take us towards our life goal.

Also, our milestone goals give us a sense of achievement that we are moving towards our ultimate life goal. And, again, our milestone goals should ideally be in alignment with this.

And you may well ask;

“What about when life throws us a curved ball that completely throws us off course?”

Because pursuing our goals requires us working out what is most important to us and knowing which ones to let go of, then of course, we have to be able to link our goals to current reality.

“Mental Contrasting” is a powerful tool to link your most desirable goals to present reality.

However, by having that strong and exciting goal firmly in place in our hearts and minds, we can imagine the future.  We can also imagine reality …

Then we can explore reality and what might get in the way of us achieving that goal and take steps factor in preventative measures and contingencies into our milestone goals as far as possible.

The most important thing here though is that to succeed, we must feel so attached to our goals and excited by them that anything else is not an option!

I hope this has been useful and thank you for reading to the end!

If you would like my help with this then I invite you to book your FREE CLARITY SESSION with me HERE.

Have a great week!

With very best wishes for your success.

Korinne <3

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