Thought for the Week – Lighting Someone’s Candle

Last week, I left you with the thought …

While our wounds can cause us great suffering, they can also deepen our humanity.
It gives us the opportunity to be empathetic and compassionate to others in our lives because they too have been wounded.

Well, this week, I co-ran a series of virtual global conferences that are all about transforming peoples’ lives globally through conscious business / enterprise. I absolutely love these events because we all inspire and learn from each other and there’s nothing better than getting together with like-minded people.

If you were there with us, which some of you were, you will have experienced this first-hand!

And what’s most interesting is that everyone is transforming other peoples’ lives through their deepest wound.

One story from a Kenyan man called Wycliff, who was rejected as a child and lived on the streets from age 5 to age 12, touched everyone’s heart. All he needed was $1 Kenyan to be able to go to school and pass his exams. It took 7 whole years before someone came and gave him that $1.

He describes it as “It costs nothing just to light someone’s candle”

He was able to go to school! Later, another lady came along (who happens to be Nyasha my fellow co-founder of Social Enterprise Success Conferences), she gave him the $1 he needed to complete his secondary education.

Now he is the founder of Kosi Africa and has helped hundreds, if not thousands of children by making sure they all have that money to get an education and in turn transform other peoples’ lives. You can read more about his work if you would like to here:

So, this thought for the week is all about …

  • How can you light someone’s candle today? And …
  • How can you light someone’s candle every day thereafter?

Imagine, if we are all just lighting one person’s candle every day, what a difference that will make to our community and our world!

As before, I will leave you with that thought.

With best wishes for your success and speak again soon.

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