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Last week’s Thought for the Week was “How to Influence with a Single Question?” and how by asking just one question can be more influential than making a load of statements and reasons why you need something done.

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And how does this apply when it comes to Innovation?

Over the past 2 years our World has changed dramatically in so many ways, not least in the way we communicate with each other! And so many more people are using technology than before and at the same time, they now have higher expectations about what they want.

So, how do we manage these expectations, adjust our communication and innovation to stay ahead?

I’m always researching trends around communication and there is much around automating communications, as we would expect now. At the same time, how do we create / enhance personal relationships and scale our business?

During lock-downs, people missed human connection and now AI is shaping Customer Service. So, how do we keep that personal touch?

For instance; Retail is changing globally with much intel in the US and coming soon to the UK. I took part in a webinar yesterday and Andrew Smith, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Think Uncommon gave some fascinating insights into trends: –

  • How do we make sure we are choosing the right ideas and delivering them brilliantly? We often end up having opinions on how to move forward and then struggle to implement.
  • Social Value has become much more a part in buying decisions and all of a sudden we had to adapt – and very quickly.
  • Innovation became a survival skill and we all have a role to play and have to get a solid definition of what innovation means to us.
  • Sales performance adjusted and of course margins have shifted dramatically.

So, we have had to reframe our thinking and the way we communicate with our customers, teams, service providers, investors etc. And we have had to reset the foundations of our business …

  • We have had to revisit our Clarity of Purpose so we have clear definitions of what innovation means to us and its organisational purpose. Why does our business exist? For instance; Nike lives its purpose through and through.
  • If leading people, we have had to adapt our Leadership Alignment with individual leadership, influence and an aligned leadership team.
  • Culture – we have had to be creative, experiment, measure and reframe ‘failure’.
  • Customer Value – does innovation provide incremental value to your customers that is backed by behavioural evidence?
  • Business Value – does innovation provide incremental value to the business that is backed up by data evidence?

Processes now have to be embedded, sponsors have to be part of the team and we need the right resources and the right team with the right skills to achieve the best possible outcomes.

“The Consumer is the same, it’s the context that has changed”

-Gareth Jude-

[Author of “Retail Innovation Reframed”]

As always, I will leave you with that thought!

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With best wishes.

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