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I hope 2023 has started well for you! The last Thought for the Week I sent out was; “What Impact will you have in 2023?”

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“I happened to come along in the music business when there was no trend”

-Elvis Presley-

What trends have you noticed around business and how we work and communicate with those around us?

My clients range from Solopreneurs to leaders within larger organisations and they are telling me that things are changing hugely within their organisations, especially around recognising the relationships within an organisation and externally too and this takes time to build. A “one-size-fits-all” approach certainly does not apply!

The fast growth of the coaching business is credited to some of the best business trends emerging in recent years. And this is because it gives people space to think outside the box and come up with innovative and sustainable advantages.

Over time, with recent changes in our World, values and expectations have changed more than ever. You will know only too well how people are our greatest asset and, in turn, they are now expecting more from employers. No longer will they stick around if they don’t feel valued.

Teams are complex and diverse and it is so important to recognise the talent that diverse workforces can bring in. People need access to support and so leaders and entrepreneurs have had to grow and develop more than ever to acquire agile leadership skills to be the best they can be.

Many of my clients have recognised how invaluable Coaching is in developing a growth culture, and I’m talking about how they have learned to Coach effectively, as well as working with me as their Coach.

And the way Coaches are coaching has become more and more flexible; for instance, when my clients feel they are working on screens all day long, sometimes we go for a walk along the beach or in the park. This really helps them to expand their thinking and tap into their creativity.

I’m seeing clients looking more and more at how they can use coaching in areas where they have been unable to use it before. This is because they now recognise how powerful it is in helping people to find themselves and discover their power and confidence. And there are still many more areas where coaching is yet to have an impact.

Experimentation and collaboration over competition is happening more. This is because people are increasingly confident that what they bring to the table is adding real value.

When it comes to trends though, would you rather be the one to set trends or do you tend to follow them?


Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion”.

-Jack Kerouac-

[A pioneer and icon of the beat generation]


So, what initiatives are you pursuing to blaze your own trail towards the future?

There are companies who buy coaching packages for their people, and some organisations are training and nurturing their own internal pools of coaches who can help and support people within the workplace.

Either way, people are being encouraged to tap into their creativity, come up with ideas and forge the way!

Nowadays, around 60% of my clients are funded by their Company and 40% are self-funding as they see the incredible value in their self-growth.

l invite you to book a consultation with me to explore what you most want to achieve in 2023 and beyond, and how you can forge your own roadmap with your own unique stamp on it.

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“When looking at trends I always ask myself basic and timeless questions about business, and the one I seem to always come back to is, ‘How is this different than anything else in the marketplace?”

-Daymond John-

[Hip-hop fashion designer and founder and CEO of clothing label FUBU]

I will leave you on that note and will post again soon with more thoughts and tips.
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