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Last week’s Thought for the Week was; “Unmasking the Communication Illusion” which was all about our own personal awareness of how effectively we communicate. You can see this and all of my previous blogs below.

I mentioned last week about a presentation I went to. The presenter was very knowledgeable and yet she raced through the session so quickly and what would have been a brilliant session was lost on most of us.

Unless someone told her, she is probably unaware that her session could have been so much more impactful. (I don’t know this lady and we were not asked for feedback, so it didn’t seem appropriate for me to offer any at that time).

Here’s the thing …

We may believe we are really good communicators but how do we actually know whether we are?

Well, I believe it’s all in the connections that we make with people …

If we are communicating well with someone, we tend to feel an affinity with that person, we feel heard, seen and understood by them.

The written word can be more tricky though can’t it! That’s because we aren’t in front of that person, we don’t have any body language to give us context. There will be a tone to the written word, however that’s open to interpretation!

So, how can we tell whether we are communicating well when we write?

Firstly, of course we will have an indicator in the way the other person responds to us (if you require a response that is). There are also tools out there to help us measure success, depending on the context and mode of communication.

Personally, for longer conversations, I prefer to have a face-to-face conversation whenever possible. If that’s not practical, then a video conversation.

Then I use the written word to share information, as I am writing to you now. Of course, the written word is also useful to share facts and figures and keep a trail / record.

I would love to hear how useful my “Thoughts for the Week” are for you? I welcome feedback and how these could be improved in any way. My aim is to give you value, so it’s very important to me to do just that!

Thank you!

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It’s affinity and communication, and an empathy for the human condition, that binds us all, and keeps a soul in wonder

Tej Kapoor-

[Managing Director and Head of Fosun RZ Capital India, a Beijing-based venture capital fund.]


I will leave you with that thought and will be in touch again soon with more thoughts and tips.

With best wishes for your success,

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