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Last week’s Thought was; “Thriving in a Global and Multicultural World” and how, even though we can empathise and relate to people from our own culture, we might find the same empathetic and social skills get us nowhere when interacting with someone from a different cultural background.

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So, we know that communication is very much about Emotional, Social and Cultural Intelligence and so much more! And yet, when people think about ‘Communication’, they often think about the words they use.

And words are such a tiny aspect of Communication!

If you are familiar with some of the research done around face-to-face communication, you will know that the words we use have around 7% impact on what we are saying!

And our tone of voice has 38% impact and our body language 55%.

So, the effectiveness of our communication relies heavily on our non-verbal channels, which make up a significant 93% of the overall impact.

And that’s just when we are face-to-face. So, how about when we are on the phone and on a video call? Well, of course, the words will have more impact but this may surprise you … still only slightly! Why?

When you take your next phone call, listen out for the non-verbal cues and the same on your next video call. If someone asked you to repeat back all of the words spoken, how many would you remember?

You are more likely to remember how you connected with the other person / people than the words. And that’s what communication is really all about isn’t it!

And, when writing emails, letters or text messages, there is still a tone of voice right?

Communication is beyond words … 

“Beyond words lays a world of unspoken significance. Our non-verbal channels hold the key to truly impactful communication, revealing the depth of our emotions, intentions and authenticity”

People are out in the world wondering why they can’t get their point across as effectively as they’d like to. They are probably good communicators and yet there are some fundamental mistakes they are making without realising. With a simple tweak here and there, I can help you to overcome that.

If you, or someone you know, would like to explore this with me, why not book a Communication Mastery Call with me personally? You will leave this call with insights into where you may be going wrong and then start to master the way you are communicating.

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I’ll be in touch again soon with more thoughts and tips!

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