Thought for the Week – How to Boost Your Confidence


Yes, while I have completed the A to Z of Successful Business Owners and Leaders, you can still refer back to all of these here in my blog.

Once we reach our Zenith, what is the Secret to Staying Positive and Boosting Confidence?

You have your life goal(s) – do you think about / look at this every day? I have a picture of my goal over my desk so I see it several times a day, even sub-consciously.

If you don’t have a goal, then decide where you want to go and look at it every day and the things in your life that don’t drive you towards those, simply have to go!

If this is about people in your life, I am coming to that.

How to Boost Confidence?

We get confidence by actually working on things that move the needle in our life.

And we gain confidence by actually doing it!

So, confidence isn’t like this magical thing – nobody is born with confidence – that is a myth.

I was quite a shy kid. Confidence is something I created. Later in life, I had a business coach and then everything changed for the better.

We either create confidence or we create insecurity and either way we get to build that.

So, here are a couple of tips to build confidence …


There are things in your life that take away your confidence – can you agree with that?

The magical answer? I know you already know this – don’t do those!

Do you have friends in your life who tell you that you are crazy for wanting certain things and you should just be happy with your life as it is?

After talking to them you either decide you’re going to go for it – or you go away and start doubting yourself?

You get a bit of news or an idea, this person tells you it’s crazy and then you get a little insecure about it? That’s it.

It’s cumulative and just enough for you to retract and ‘play small’ and that’s never going to work for you.

So, if there’s something that pulls your confidence down, even a little bit, don’t do it!

Say no. Choose to be around people who believe in you, not those who doubt you.

What about the people you love, want in your life or have to tolerate?

If people are negative, that’s just the way they are. You may be able to influence them in a positive way to a degree, but you aren’t going to cut them out of your life.

So, we have to find a way sometimes to put barriers up with the people we love and want in our life.

When they start questioning what you’re doing in your life, ask them a question about them.

Do you find that most of the time when people are negative about the future, they are positive about the past? “Back in the good old days …”

Ask them about something in the past, or something about them and then leave when you can.

So, eliminate the things that bring down your confidence, even a little bit.


Take action – you raise your confidence just by doing things.

And that’s is being courageous and enables you to gain confidence

Choose to be around people who have the skills you aspire to and you will gain capabilities too.

  • Commit to it
  • Be courageous
  • Take action

And confidence is the by-product of that and you will find that you can’t hold back your confidence! That’s just how confidence works – we create it.

So, eliminate the things in your personal life that take away, or dent your confidence and you will see your confidence increase.

Try it – you have everything to gain!

I hope you have enjoyed this “Thought for the Week”!

And if you haven’t already, remember that I would love to help you to explore your aspirations and create a roadmap to success with you.

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Have a great week and very best wishes for your success!


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