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Last week, I sent you the Thought for the Week which was all about “Do you ever feel invisible?” And even if you don’t feel that way, the chances are that you know at least one person who does.

By now, you will have got used to virtual meetings on platforms like Zoom, Teams etc.

And by now, you will have a good idea of how effective these meetings are as opposed to those that are face-to-face.

Let’s face it, we would not manage without these platforms now and in many cases, these will replace face-to-face meetings forever because they are so convenient and save us time travelling to and from meetings.

And we know that with face-to-face communication, research has found that the impact of our body language is 55%, our tone of voice 38% and our words just 7%.

So, how does this work then when we are having virtual meetings? I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so do let me know.

We know how important our body language and tone of voice are, so how do we continue to build trust and rapport with people virtually and have the same impact we would like to have face-to-face?

There are some very simple and subtle things we can do and I would like to share this with you: 7 Game-Changing Tips to Build Rapport with Others on Zoom

I am sure you already know some of this, but if you get even one tip that makes a difference then it’s worthwhile!

Also, I am launching my new Group Coaching Programme; The Communication Code in January.


Who is this for?

It’s for established Business Owners and Leaders who are great at what they do, and they know that, but may struggle to feel seen, connect and have the impact and success they deserve.

This programme provides what you need to become a better communicator.

Over 25 years, I have developed The Communication Code as a communication specialist. As an entrepreneur and leader, I have worked with people just like you and understand the struggles many have.

It’s not that they are a failure, or an “imposter” – it’s because they haven’t yet learned how to revive their innate ability to communicate with openness and authenticity.

For this reason, I created The Communication Code, an empowering Group Coaching Programme designed to help people discover their natural and most effective communication style.

For instance, there’s a big difference between the person who makes an impact and has people lining up to work with them, and the person who leaves a meeting feeling like no one took them seriously.

In my programme, participants will learn how to interact with others in a warm, confident way that builds trust and rapport and attracts the right kind of clients.

And the beauty of this programme is that I show them how to do this in their own unique style, so no more feeling awkward or stressed!

Learning how to communicate authentically is a vital part of this process, as we can’t build a successful business without the trust and respect of our clients, staff and stakeholders.

I show participants how to reset their communication style, giving them a renewed, genuine confidence that will result in successful outcomes for all.

And because this is the first Group Coaching Programme of its kind, I am offering a very special price for the first cohort, which I am limiting to 12 people. Places on this 8-week programme will normally go for £997 but as this is the first one, I am offering a special price of just £697, which presents amazing value for what you get …

Find out more about The Communication Code


As always, I will leave that with that thought.

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