Thought for the Week – Hitting the Reset Button!

I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope that 2022 brings you and your loved ones happiness, good health and success in whatever you do.

In the hours leading up to midnight, I reflected on 2021 and how it had been for me. As many of you will have at some point in your lives, I have experienced some very challenging times up until the past 2 years or so.

For me, 2021 was a great year … after waiting 10 years, my divorce was finalised, I was able to sell property in England so I can buy a place in Guernsey, business has grown exponentially in so many ways. So, it was important to reflect and appreciate all of this and set intentions and wishes before starting a new year.

Last week’s Thought for the Week was about “The Reality of Connecting with Others” – you can see all previous posts here in my blog.

I had hoped to see the new year in with my partner in France, but was unable to go with the latest travel restrictions. So, yes I really missed being with my partner and the friends we were due to see the New Year in with and it brought home again that strong need for connection. I was able to spend New Year’s day though with my family which was great.

And as 2021 drew to a close, I am sure you all reflected on it in our own way and all that was good and not-so-good about it! I see a New Year as an opportunity to celebrate all of the good, learn from the not-so-good and start with a clean slate.

And not to repeat the patterns of the past!

Don’t we all want to be the best version of ourselves and enjoy our best possible life?

And we all want more meaning now in our lives than before don’t we!

Ask yourself questions and explore these very important things – now is the time! Ask your heart what you truly want.

Visualise that potential and your greatest desire. What will it look like and feel like? Exploring what our heart wants actually helps our brain to make it happen!

And this helps to build of your future.

What do you want to heal about your past?

I went through some pretty dark times which I have spoken about in some of my blogs. I learned that once I identified my ‘gremlins’ and faced them head-on, they lost their power over me and didn’t seem so dark anymore.

When we do this, we come more connected with who we are and this connects us with others in a much more meaningful way.

New Year’s resolutions are all well and good if they work for you.

If not, do you set some intentions around what you want to see happen this year? If so, don’t limit yourself and recognise any of those emotions and ‘gremlins’ that hold you back.

When we heal the wounds and shift unwanted physical, mental and emotional habits, we free ourselves from anything that is happening outside ourselves, such as other peoples’ drama.

So, then we free ourselves to become the real creators of our life!

As I launch my new Group Coaching Programme called “The Communication Code”, people are contacting me about the things they are struggling with and want to find more meaning and satisfying ways to communicate that minimise stress.

I also notice that more people than we may expect also struggle to admit to themselves (let alone others) that they are struggling with communication in some way.

It could be something like being able to say “No” and not feeling guilty about it. The ‘Art of Saying No’ is about HOW to say no in a genuine way while building on that connection with others in a positive way.

“It’s only by saying NO that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.”

-Steve Jobs-

As you know, I have created The Communication Code, an empowering Group Coaching Programme designed to help people discover their natural and most effective communication style. And if you know anyone who you think would benefit, if you could let them know about it that would be great. You can find out more about it HERE 

Who is this for?

Established Leaders and Business Owners who are great at what they do, and they know that, but struggle to feel seen, to connect, have impact and enjoy the success they deserve.

This programme provides everything they need to become a better communicator.

Over 25 years, I have developed The Communication Code as a communication specialist.

And as an entrepreneur and leader, I have worked with people just like you so I understand the struggles.

It’s not that they are a failure, or an “imposter” – it’s because they haven’t yet learned how to revive their innate ability to communicate with openness and authenticity.

For this reason, I created The Communication Code, an empowering Group Coaching Programme designed to help leaders and business owners discover their natural and most effective communication style.

Because I am running this in a new online Group Coaching format for the first time starting on 20th January, you will see that I am offering a very special rate with 30% off.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said”

-Peter Drucker-

So, we all have an opportunity to hit that RESET Button …

Revive your innate ability to communicate, build trust and rapport with others.

Elevate your personal effectiveness, power and influence in a positive way.

Select the platforms that match your communication style.

Empower others and yourself for greater impact and results.

Take Action and plan your road map to success.

Thank you for reading this right to the end and, as always I will leave that with that thought.

With best wishes,

P.S. Why not start the year by booking a Complimentary Clarity Session! Click HERE 

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