Thought for the Week – Roadblock or Gateway?


My last Thought for the Week was about “The Beast and The Mountain” and how we only have to move forward one day at a time to get where we want to go. It’s all about our mindset around “success” and what that means to us.

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What has moving forward one day at a time got to do with ‘Communication’ you may wonder?

Well as you know, in my work as a Coach, I specialise in helping business owners and leaders to be seen, heard and have the impact, empowerment and authority they deserve.

How do they achieve this? By communicating in an authentic and positive way so people take them seriously.

Many business owners and leaders are doing well enough but actually struggle with this at times, even if they keep it to themselves …

And, until they know how to overcome this, self-doubt holds them back from communicating effectively …

And at what cost to them?

In my Group Coaching Programme “The Communication Code”, we start with what’s holding you back and the key to success is knowing how to navigate and remove these road blocks. We are all different and there are numerous blocks.

We have all been on communication courses where you dive straight into what words we should use and how to say them, and that is necessary, BUT …

… until we truly understand what holds us back, we will continue to struggle.

The good news is that we can overcome these a step at a time.

Let’s take a case study of a client of mine (and of course I won’t use her real name, let’s call her “Gemma”) …

Gemma has been an established business owner for 8 years and employs 2 people. So, she is a business owner and a leader and she was on my group coaching programme called “The Communication Code”.

She is great at what she does and comes highly recommended. What she struggled with though is scaling up her business further.


Because she believed that other people were more successful or “better” than her. And this was coming across in everything she was communicating …

  • In her conversations.
  • In her marketing.
  • On social media.
  • In emails.
  • At networking events.

It was subtle and yet disempowering her to the extent she just could not move forward – she was actually holding herself back.

It emerged that she was afraid of success because of how she experienced powerful and successful people, both male and female.

She thought she would have to become more aggressive if she wanted to grow her business. But she feared that she’d lose respect (and clients) if she became successful.

Gemma had mistaken “power and success” for aggression. Completely different! 

She had a light bulb moment …

Once she recognised her own self-limiting beliefs, she realised that most of these people were not being aggressive! They were simply communicating their own truth and that appeals to like-minded people who want what they offer.

Gemma didn’t particularly want what they offer and that didn’t make them negative or aggressive, they just didn’t appeal to her.

In fact, just one of those people could actually be aggressive at times if they pushed something on others that they didn’t want.

Gemma realised that is not her style and she didn’t have to be aggressive at all! What excited her was seeing how her products helped people and even changed their lives. And that’s what really mattered.

After that, she overcame her road blocks and her communication changed in very subtle and powerful ways. Now she is seeing her business success soar, she now employs 6 people and has won two industry awards in the past month!

Now she sees her “road block” as her “Gateway to Success”.

“I think of them as speed bumps instead of roadblocks. Just a minor delay to get me over the hump on the highway to my dreams. You never know the things you might see if you slow down on your journey so you can learn and enjoy the moments.” 

-Michelle Colon-Johnson-

[Founder of 2 Dream Productions, Inc. and a contributing writer for places such as The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Addicted 2 Success and She Owns It.]

As always, I will leave you with that thought.

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With best wishes for your success.

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