Thought for the Week – Balance Realigned!


My last Thought for the Week was “The Pathway to Mastery” all about mastering our inner reactions so we can become more effective communicators, have more authentic authority and enjoy success.

Most of us want to be the best version of ourselves in each area of our lives, whether it is at work, in our personal lives, in sport, as parents, in hobbies etc.

At the same time, we are human and learning as we go! If we make mistakes along the way, that’s all part of our journey and hopefully we learn from that and keep developing.

And that’s it – it’s all about learning isn’t it! From the first moment we are born we are learning, to the best of our ability, right up until the moment we pass on.

But how much pressure we put on ourselves sometimes! Yes sometimes we have a deadline such as an exam, or work commitment or something we have to learn about. As long as this is just temporary pressure, we can cope with that.

For me, while I’m coaching and running training programmes I’m continuing to learn all the time. Learning happens in serious situations and also when we are “at leisure”, “at play” and doing interesting and fun things. In fact, over all the years I have been running training programmes, I have seen that the greatest learning happens when people are relaxed and having fun!

So, putting ourselves under loads of pressure over prolonged periods is detrimental to our short-term and long-term wellbeing and success.

Only you will know how to balance this in your life. At the same time, many people struggle to do that – I have been helping people for a long time, through counselling, coaching and training programmes.

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“Getting in balance is not so much about adopting new strategies to change your behaviors, as it is about realigning yourself in all of your thoughts so as to create a balance between what you desire and how you conduct your life on a daily basis”
Wayne Dyer, Being in Balance

[Self-help author and motivational speaker]

As always, I will leave you with that thought!

With best wishes for your success.


Korinne Le Page
Thrive Coaching & Training
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