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My last Thought for the Week was “Calm is a Superpower!” and how being calm does not mean you’re weak. On the contrary; being calm in times of adversity is an incredible strength and pure mastery.

And when it comes to the way we connect and communicate with others, then we cannot master great communication until we master our inner self! Inner mastery is key to self-growth.

We can try to control so many factors outside of our control, but if we can achieve inner-mastery, self-growth becomes easier for us to achieve.

To achieve this, we need to have some form of control, either internal or external. However, external control puts us at the mercy of others, while internal control puts us at our own mercy! So, it’s all about mastering our inner self and learning to control our impulses.

A while back, I shared with you a great tool called “The Sphere of Control & Influence” and I invite you to check this out (you will find this in my blog). So many people I have coached tell me this very simple tool has completely changed how they master their inner self.

Of course, we learn to master our inner self in various ways …

  1. Struggling alone through trial and error and learning from our mistakes (hopefully)
  2. Going through very challenging life experiences
  3. Through a great leader supporting us in our growth
  4. Through having a great team around us where we feel safe to give and receive genuine feedback
  5. Through training courses
  6. Receiving great coaching with a great Development Coach
  7. Through a Group Coaching programme where you are with like-minded people with similar challenges and build trust to experiment and work through your challenges.

We are all at different stages in our self-growth and struggling through is learning in itself because it gives us an example of how we DON’T want things to be! It also motivates us to make serious changes.

I have learned throughout my life by all of the points above 1-7 and by far the most effective were 3, 6 and 7 (at different times) BUT only when I was at the right point in my life for these to work for the long-term. If I hadn’t been, then it would have been a bit like that proverbial sheep dip and probably wouldn’t have changed much!

I work with business owners and leaders who are ready for that next step and to take on that challenge. They have struggled on alone for long enough and, because they aren’t getting the results they hoped for, they realise it comes down to the way they communicate in certain situations.

Most of them are actually quite good communicators! There are just certain areas where they are uncertain, so they lose confidence and authority because something is holding them back. Very often they have no idea what that is. Sometimes they are aware but just don’t know what to do about it.

If you would like to explore this further, you can BOOK A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION After 30 minutes, you will have gained more clarity on your inner mastery and the next step you need to take to thrive and get where you want to be in your life.

We won’t fix everything in 30 minutes of course! What you will take away with you at the end is a greater awareness of what has to change and how to do that. You can choose your time slot HERE

“Most people are interested in success, but are too busy and distracted by their habituated day to day activities, to be COMMITTED to creating real success in every area of their lives.”
Tony Dovale-

[Founder and CEO of Life Masters. He’s the Business Soul Surgeon, and the #BulletProof Growth-Optimised Mindset Guy].

As always, I will leave you with that thought!

With best wishes for your success.

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