Thought for the Week – Securing the Intangible!

power-and-charismaI hope you enjoyed last week’s Thought for the Week; “The things we do not say” which was about how we keep ourselves safe by holding back. And how we can really miss out on opportunities when we choose to stay in our comfort zone.

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Of course, sometimes there are very good reasons why we need to do that. What about the times when there is no good reason?

And how does this affect the way we communicate with others, build lasting relationships, succeed in business?

It is all about balance and you will have seen those around you over-communicate as well as hold back!

We have all noticed those powerful leaders who say very little and yet have so much power and charisma? And charisma is so intangible isn’t it!

What are they doing?

And what are they not doing?

  • How would you define “power”?
  • How would you define “charisma”?

Too often, we can define power as a negative force through past experiences. And yet the kind of power these charismatic leaders have is mostly positive, unspoken and subtle.

I have helped so many business professionals to find their inner power and charisma through one-to-one coaching. And the thing is; it’s all about who they are as an individual; their values, goals, motivation and how they communicate authentically.

And because everyone is unique, there is no “one size fits all” approach that will work.

So often, I see talented professionals struggle for various reasons. And I would say about 90% of the time it boils down to how they communicate.

We cannot underestimate the power of this.

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Charisma is the intangible that makes people want to follow you,
to be around you, to be influenced by you.

~ Roger Dawson ~

[Author of “Secrets of Power Negotiatingand founder of the Power Negotiating Institute]

As always, I will leave you with that thought! I will be in touch again with more thoughts and tips on how you, and / or your team can be more effective communicators.

With best wishes,


Korinne Le Page
Thrive Coaching & Training

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