Thought for the Week – Mind-boggling Fortitude

fortitudeLast week’s Thought for the Week was; “Reading the Room” about how the most impactful people are those who listen and read the room. They may say just one thing in a meeting and yet that one thing is the most powerful thing anyone has to say!

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One of the most impressive people I ever met was Bob Wieland who did a talk when I was living and running training courses in Barbados.  Bob is a Vietnam war veteran who lost both legs to a mortar mine in 1969. He lost them right up to hip level. Of course, we know of many more who have suffered such losses, past and present, some losing all four limbs.

Despite his horrific injuries, Bob became inspired to do a marathon and is the only double amputee to finish the challenging Kona, Hawaiian Ironman race without a wheelchair. He “ran” across America on his hands, taking 3 years, eight months and six days to travel from coast-to-coast. And, over his lifetime Bob has finished many marathons.

He spoke about those who were with him on the race (most able-bodied) and how some of them dropped out. At the same time, he was so humble about that explaining that everyone had their own reasons and he had so much respect for them.

Chatting to Bob after the talk, I was struck by how humble he was, and yet he overcame adversity with such incredible grace and courage. He also finished the NYC Marathon on 98 hours and you can see him cross the finish line here:

I don’t know about you, but I find this such a mind-blowingly impressive tribute to human beings and what we can achieve through sheer mindset, courage determination and fortitude.

What does this tell us as we go about our day?

“Like tiny seeds with potent power to push through tough ground and become mighty trees, we hold innate reserves of unimaginable strength. We are resilient.”
-Catherine DeVrye, The Gift of Nature-

[Best-selling author, winner of Australian Executive Woman of the Year and a Thought Leader]

 So, I hope you have a great week and achieve something wonderful, no matter how big or small.

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