Thought for the Week – One Intention, Endless Magic!

magicLast week’s Thought for the Week was; Mind-boggling Fortitude about the incredible achievements that human beings make through sheer mindset, courage determination and fortitude. You can see this and all of my previous blogs here in my blog.

If I ask you what is the most amazing thing you have achieved so far in your life, what would that be?

When I ask people that same question on training workshops, often they struggle to think of anything. And yet they find it easier to say what that have not achieved that they think they should have!

Why is that?

Because many people are conditioned to be humble and don’t want to appear “full of themselves” and things like that.

Of course, humility is a good quality to have and many of the most successful people are actually quite humble about their achievements. At the same time, they seem to quietly acknowledge them while playing them down a little don’t they!

There is a very subtle difference between playing down what we have achieved and beating ourselves up about what we have not yet achieved – right?

Did you see what I did there? Yes, I emphasised the “Yet”!

So, a little shift in our mindset can change everything – and then setting our intentions.

If you look back on your life and what you have achieved, what was your intention leading up to that?

How did you put that intention into words?

Sometimes people interpret their intention into some kind of image or vision, especially if they are more of a visual person (if you know about Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP – you will get that).

For others, it could be a piece of music that reminds them of their intention.

Here’s a definition from the Dictionary:

What is the true meaning of intention?

“An intention is idea that you plan (or intend) to carry out. If you mean something, it’s an intention. Your goal, purpose, or aim is your intention. It’s something you mean to do, whether you pull it off or not”.

So, your intention will be like a goal – at the same time, your intention / goal has to be very meaningful to you, like an anchor that keeps you on track towards where you want to get to.

Like Bob Wieland (who I spoke about last week), how can we achieve such amazing feats in our lives?

We know that it is absolutely possible when we put our mind to it through setting our own powerful intention!


“Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power”

-Deepaki Chopra-

[Medical Doctor and writer]


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So, I hope you have a great week and achieve something amazing, no matter how big or how tiny!

With best wishes,


Korinne Le Page


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