Thought for the Week: Human Intellect vs AI – How Human Imagination is Shaping New Realities


I hope you have been thriving this week!

Last week’s thought was; “Acceptance in Uncertain Times” about getting to the point of accepting ourselves without relying on other peoples’ perceptions of us. You can see this and all of my previous blogs below.

Much of our level of self-acceptance goes back to how we learn as children and then how we learn and re-learn as adults.

I went on a Generative Artificial Intelligence course this week which was fascinating and it got me thinking because AI also learns as we do through association. For instance; when we feel thirsty and are then given a drink, we learn that liquid quenches our thirst.

Children are like sponges, absorbing so many things, then suddenly we will come out with our first sentence and that’s how AI also works. AI doesn’t create its own data set, it learns from the billions of facts that humans have created globally and then creates something new for us from that.

Of course, there is a degree of uncertainty, even fear around AI. Did you see the film “The Imitation Game”? The film’s title quotes the name of the ‘’Cryptanalysis“ game proposed for answering the question “Can machines think?”. At the same time, the large tech giants like Google and Microsoft are putting safeguards in place and we know so much more now than we did in 2014 when the film was made.

We could even ask Chat GPT how we could protect ourselves from AI!

But the Human race is so much more intelligent and capable than we give ourselves credit for! I have been astounded how often people come up with the most brilliant solutions when they thought they never could.

Most of my adult life has been around assisting others with their learning as well as my own and we are learning all the time. Through my Coaching work, I have helped numerous people to tap into their own inner wisdom, so together we can find the best answers to their own individual situation.

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I will leave you with this thought …

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

 -Albert Einstein-

I’ll be in touch again soon with more thoughts and tips!

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