Thought for the Week: Are You Listening?

Last week we explored the link between mindset and communication and we touched on listening.

How are your listening skills?


Many of us do genuinely believe that we are good listeners and even that other people are listening to us.

But are they, really?

The truth is that many of us are good talkers! Can you relate to the suggestion that we often speak in an effort to show others that we have been listening?

So, if we are speaking, we cannot be listening. We may vaguely hear what the other person is saying but it is impossible for us listen while we are talking!

Sadly, our relationships suffer because we miss what the other person is really trying to tell us. And then we might say that there has been a misunderstanding!

And how does it feel for you when you are trying to say something and being constantly interrupted, talked over, having your sentences finished for you or even when the other changes the subject completely?

Listening is just a part of the whole world of communication too!

  • How do we listen AND get our point across?
  • How do we speak in such a way that people want to listen to us?
  • How do we influence others without manipulating or cajoling them?

Communication is a HUGE topic isn’t it!

And on top of how we communicate face-to-face, the digital age we are living in is great and it also makes it even more complicated!

It is my mission to help people who want to have much better communication and impact in their lives.

As I shared last week; I thought I was a good communicator … until the penny finally dropped! By no means am I the finished article – we are all on our own unique journey aren’t we and continue to learn and grow, and that is what the “Thought for the Week” is all about.

There’s an excellent book that really helped me and has been one of my favourite reads for several years: Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind by Nancy Kline

We need to remember that giving people space and listening to them is a GIFT!

Giving them time to think (without us jumping in to speak) is PURE GOLD!

We were given TWO EARS and ONE MOUTH so we can LISTEN twice as much as we speak!

If you are not feeling seen and heard,

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I hope you have enjoyed this “Thought for the Week”!

And if you haven’t already, remember that I would love to help you to explore your aspirations and create a roadmap to success with you.

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Have a great weekend and very best wishes for your success!


Korinne Le Page
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