Thought for the Week – Your Life Journey

If you were asked this evening; “Tell me about your life journey so far” …


  • Where would you begin?
  • What would you include?
  • What would you leave out?
  • What would be the highlights?
  • How would you describe where you are so far in your life journey?

I would like to share my own journey with you …

I’ve been successfully training and coaching business owners and leaders for over 25 years, helping them scale their businesses and implement effective solutions while living in alignment with their core values – but it’s not a journey that happened overnight.

As some of you will know, I live in Guernsey. Every journey has a beginning, and mine started with a career in finance. I enjoyed it to an extent and then after a while, I was slowly losing myself in the corporate world and felt detached from the life I dreamed of having. If I didn’t change, I’d never achieve all of my goals and dreams.

Leaving my island home, family, and friends to start a different career was a challenge, but I believed in myself and found a role at Heathrow Airport with Thomas Cook and then with British Airways. I progressed into a Duty Manager role in the Lost Baggage Department, where I was challenged daily by frustrated, travel-weary customers who had lost their baggage. So, I rarely met a happy customer! I had to learn how to communicate clearly and effectively, and learn fast!

My abilities didn’t go unnoticed, and my manager encouraged me to apply for BA’s training department. I appreciated her suggestion, but I was terrified of public speaking! My fears held me back, but with my brilliant manager’s encouragement, my application was successful.

I had to face my fears every day, but I built up my resilience over time, and my confidence grew. I embraced my natural communication style and discovered that less is more when speaking. Fewer words delivered calmly and genuinely have a significant impact, and people are more likely to take you seriously.

I realised that there were still so many people who are struggling to express themselves at work. They don’t know how to approach people, and they struggle to say ‘no’ and avoid conflict at all costs, to the point where they lose out.

In January 2000, I started my own training and coaching company and never looked back.

Want to learn more?

I’ve got plenty of tools that you can begin implementing right away to improve your communication skills, so get ready to start believing in yourself again!

So, what is your life journey? Let this be your thought for the week.

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Hello, I’m Korinne … I work with Professional people who want to be more effective communicators so they can have more impact in all they do. Often business people believe they are doing OK and yet they know they are not getting the results they want and deserve. I’m passionate about helping people to achieve thir vision and get results. I have been working with Business Owners and Leaders for more that 25 years, helping them to realise their vision of what they truly want, overcome barriers to effective communication, so they can be the best version of themselves and thrive in their lives.

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