Thought for The Week – Eaters and Bakers – Embedding Change

Have you heard the term; “Eaters and Bakers”?

I wrote previously about Fixed and Growth Mindset and a “Baker” relates to a Growth Mindset and an “Eater” to a Fixed Mindset.

The most booming organisations like Amazon, Microsoft have integrated this concept into everything they do and the emphasis is on learning together.

We are all learning together.

We all need psychological safety and to work in an agile culture where everyone is accountable and at the same time, everyone can say what they think without fear.

The higher the level of psychological safety, the more people and companies are in their comfort zone and learning zone.

The lower the level of psychological safety, the more anxiety and apathy will exist.

There is a very good TED Talk on Psychological Safety with Amy C. Edmonson and you can see it HERE

So, I will leave you with that thought.

With best wishes for your success and I wish you a great weekend.


Korinne Le Page
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